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McClure's Bloody Mary Mix in DC??

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I blew it and waited to long to order McClure's Bloody Mary Mix online as a gift. I can't find anyone in DC who carries it. Anyone seen it?

I've tried: Dean & Deluca, William Sonoma, Ace Bev, Cork Market, Yes Organic Market, Cowgirl Creamery.



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  1. Palena Market, but you'd have to call to see if they have any. They are listed on the site and said they sometimes have it when I called a few weeks ago (but were out).

    I love the stuff

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      Thank you! I saw them listed on the site, but only knew the place as a restaurant, not a market, so I didn't call. I will call tomorrow!

    2. I am fairly sure Seasonal Pantry on 9th St. has it also.

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      1. re: KevinS

        I seem to have bought the only jar in the city at Seasonal Pantry (which was a great find, by the way.)

        Thanks for the tip!

        1. re: tb1478

          What time is bloody mary o'clock? I love that stuff - try adding a little to gazpacho, it's amazing