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Jun 28, 2012 12:58 PM

emergency babka!

Hi everyone, I just got an invite to a BBQ tomorrow night and I'd like to bring an awesome NYC babka. I would normally go to Zabar's, but I am downtown now and wont be able to get uptown. Can anyone recommend a spot in/around Soho/West Village to get a babka today for eating tomorrow? Thank you!!

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  1. Downtown on the East Side, Russ & Daughters has them - same brand as Zabar's carries (Green's) IIRC, but many places repackage them with their own labels. Not sure about over West, though. I believe Whole Foods and Garden of Eden both repackage Green's as well. Probably D&D does, too, but they'd be overpriced.

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      This seriously galled me about Dean & DeLuca: They used to carry their own babka, very good and somewhat pricey. Now they carry Green's -- I can see where they cut part off the Green's label and stuck their own. What sells at Green's for $8.49 is $13.50 at D&D!!! Really a rip and not even that good!

      1. re: City Kid

        Oh, I like the Green's Babka. I just don't like it at D&D's ludicrous prices.

        According to Serious Eats, the Babkas at D&D have been from Green's since at least 2010, when this article was written: - probably even earlier than that.

        1. re: sgordon

          Interesting link! D&D's, when they had their own, was more to my taste -- lots of the gooey sweet stuff throughout the cinnamon one!

          1. re: City Kid

            Ah, I prefer my babka to straddle the bread / cake line - it should be ridiculously rich, but not overly sweet. Just personal taste. Green's does it nicely for me.

    2. I bough a chocolate one at Dean & Deluca a while ago and it was very good. Long time ago though.