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Jun 28, 2012 12:23 PM

Fun dinner for four on the west side

Hi all- looking for dinner suggestions for us and another couple during the week. I've scanned opentable and feel so uninspired. Last time we went out with this couple, we went to La Promenade des Anglais and had a great time. Looking for something similar, maybe a bit of a younger crowd (we're low 30s) and perhaps a bit less cost (but that's not a deal breaker). Something west of Gramercy, above financial district and below central park. We want great food and a great atmosphere. Help!

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  1. Perla
    Tap Room at Colicchio and Sons

    1. Minetta Tavern, Recette, The Standard, Kittichai, Frankie's 570, Osteria Morini