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Jun 28, 2012 12:08 PM

Sofrito White Plains

Has anyone tried this restaurant? The website and menu look interesting-- a little out of the ordinary.

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  1. We had dinner there a few weeks ago and enjoyed it very much. We started with a (half priced) cocktail at the bar (happy hour is 4-7pm), and enjoyed a good mojito and delicious sangria (made with the addition of rum) served by a very friendly bartender. For dinner we shared a huge appetizer portion of tostones with assorted toppings. We then had the pernil, which was delicious but HUGE, more than enough for two people; and the ropa vieja. We will definitely be back.

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      Thanks, Marge, we'll have to give it a try!

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        I have dined there several times and each time the service, food and libations were were exceptional. Great atmosphere...beware there is live music after 10pm on Friday/Sat nights..the crowd also changes from lounge lizards....

    2. Any recent reports on Sofrito? Thinking of going with a group of 6 in a few weeks.


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        I was there about a year ago. It was quite loud the night I was there due to live music. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it was unexpected. Food is solid, nothing to write home about. The Latin sushi is an interesting concept and they execute on it reasonably well. I wish I could remember what entrees we ordered to be more helpful, but my memory tells me it was a solid, not great, meal.

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          Thanks. We are going to try it on a Friday night. It just works for a variety of reasons. Will report back.

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            If you're wanting to chat with your companions, I'd suggest trying to be seated in the back room. The main room is very noisy even at a mostly empty lunchtime. The food is good, though, especially if you appreciate Puerto Rican cooking. (I'm particularly fond of the ropa vieja.)

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          We had dinner here about 2 weeks ago. When we walked in the music was beyond loud so thankfully we were seated in the back room. We thought we were in trouble when they brought us into the back room and there was a table for about 30 people set up for a birthday party. But they arrived around 8 and I have to say that our waiter/service was really good.

          We shared a few appetizers...lobster tacos, mini cuban sandwiches, empanadas, Spanish sausage in red wine. All were delicious.

          For an entree, I ordered the Sofrito Paella with everything in it. Not sure why but I had low expectations. It was actually pretty good. My friend wanted to try the "mofongo" which was plantains, pork skin, ropa vieja so I said I would share with her. This was weird and I can't really say I liked it, though the ropa vieja part was good. It was just the plantains/pork skin part that I didn't like. My husband and another friend had the grilled steak and scampi and they enjoyed it.

          We had a chocolate mousse thing for dessert.

          I would go back, but as others have mentioned, it was loud on a Friday night at 7:00. I think that I would order more appetizers/tapas next time and skip the entree.