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Sofrito White Plains

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Has anyone tried this restaurant? The website and menu look interesting-- a little out of the ordinary.

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  1. We had dinner there a few weeks ago and enjoyed it very much. We started with a (half priced) cocktail at the bar (happy hour is 4-7pm), and enjoyed a good mojito and delicious sangria (made with the addition of rum) served by a very friendly bartender. For dinner we shared a huge appetizer portion of tostones with assorted toppings. We then had the pernil, which was delicious but HUGE, more than enough for two people; and the ropa vieja. We will definitely be back.

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      Thanks, Marge, we'll have to give it a try!

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        I have dined there several times and each time the service, food and libations were were exceptional. Great atmosphere...beware there is live music after 10pm on Friday/Sat nights..the crowd also changes from diners....to lounge lizards....