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Bourdain pens a comic book

jujuthomas Jun 28, 2012 11:57 AM


From the cnn article "“Get Jiro!” is like “Ratatouille” meets “Kill Bill: Vol. 1,” where deliciously gratuitous violence is juxtaposed with painstakingly accurate food nerd details. And Bourdain’s commentary about celeb-chefs and our food culture is about as sharp as Jiro’s tanto knife."

  1. K K Jun 28, 2012 02:41 PM

    It's morbidly hilarious. There are some preview pages.


    It's a tip of the hat to Jiro Ono no doubt.

    1. HillJ Jun 28, 2012 02:02 PM

      Just ordered a copy this morning. It's going to make such a great gift for my husband.

      1. chris2269 Jun 28, 2012 12:14 PM

        Thanks for the heads out I'll check it out.

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