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Jun 28, 2012 11:05 AM

WEIGHT WATCHER FOODIES - What are You Cooking? PT. 7 [old]

Hello fabulous, sexy WW foodies!
It's almost July and summer is settling in for most of us.
What's keeping you inspired, fending off your hunger and boosting your spirit this season?

I for one, am loving all of the berries and stone fruit I am seeing at the market, and eagerly anticipating good tomatoes and corn soon. Salads seem so much more doable this time of year, and go so well with pizza and fried chicken...woops, wrong thread...

Here's to better habits and enthusiasm along the way! What are you making?

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  1. Tonight I am grilling again, I am going to make these: Will probably also slice up some red potatoes, toss w/ some olive oil and rosemary, and grill those too, and then saute some fresh green beans with shallots and will throw in a bit of crumbled cooked bacon in the last few minutes of cooking. Yum!

    My dinner last night was sort of embarassing... I was on my own so I had some carrots and hummus, a leftover low carb tortilla dipped in hummus, and a leftover small slice of pepperoni pizza haha. Not the healthiest dinner, that's for sure but I think I still stayed pretty close to my 1200 calories for the day.

    As expected, the weight gain from earlier this week has gone down, I'm now only 1 pound over where I was one week ago, so not too bad considering what I consumed all weekend.

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      1200 calories/day? Good lord, I have a hard enough time sticking to 1500! Is that sustainable?

      Back to food, though...those chops look great!

      1. re: ChristinaMason

        I've been doing it for about 5 months so, so far so good :) During the week I usually stick pretty close to 1200 most days. But, I am not a big breakfast eater, I usually just have a Fiber Plus bar, and I have zero desire to eat more than that, so that helps out. I also have a decent arsenal of 100 calorie or less snacks that are filling and satisfying. I avoid eating out during the week unless it's Chipotle because I can eat there for 450-500 calories. Weekends though... that's a lot harder for me since that's when I do most of my eating out and drinking. Also a lot harder since I moved in with my boyfriend!

    2. i need to do some cooking... tonight I have a 6pm meeting tho, which means dinner @ 7 or later... later since I don't think I have anything to cook at home.
      i got some fabulous veggies at our local farm stand. tomatoes that taste like tomatoes, green and wax beans, zukes, cukes. life is good when veggies are in season!
      Julie, your dinner tonight sounds delish!

      1. Made a lovely mediterranean orzo salad last night and served with warmed pita and some mezze (roasted eggplant dip, hummus, tabbouleh and some "crazy feta", all bought because I was lazy). the orzo had fresh kale that warmed with the hot pasta, some feta, lemon juice, onion and sundried tomatoes (which I forgot to put in, but wasn't a big deal). I estimated 6 PP per larger cup serving. My husband took it for leftover lunch today. This would be a good picnic dish.

        1. I need to get back on track with cooking as well! I plan on making General Tso's tofu sometime in the next couple of nights. I hope to go berry picking somewhere local when I get a chance in the next week or two!

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          1. re: Solstice444

            What is your General Tso's tofu recipe? My husband loves it, but I can only do bottle sauce (granted, I haven't looked hard) and I loathe the bottled stuff personally

            1. re: Jeserf

              I haven't tried it yet actually! There are a few recipes out there...once I try it I will let you know how it was and post a link :-)

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                I think there was a recipe in the WW Take Out cookbook. I'll take a look.

            2. I was searching for a light scampi recipe - this fit the bill and the instructions say it's good the next day cold! perfect for this hot weather we're having on the east coast. :)