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Jun 28, 2012 10:34 AM

PLEASE HELP! Trying to find this product from last years fancy food show in D.C.

Hi everyone! I am hoping somebody on here may know what I am looking for. It may considered a cookie rather than a cracker because they are semi-sweet. I saw it at the fancy food show last summer in Washington D.C. Very hip looking, simple, yet gourmet. Here is everything I can remember about it described below:

1. Very thin, similar to raincoast crisps but sweeter
2. made in canada
3. Natural, low cal, portion control
4. White packaging (3 to a packet) individual packets sold in a larger white box
5. Flax seeds
6. Interesting flavor combonations and ingrediants such as cocoa /orange
7. I believe it was in the natural section at the show
8. long and skinny like a biscotti but very thin, and crispy! Yummy dipped in coffee...

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  1. rain coast crisps?
    they look great for cheese!

    site says they are carried at whole foods in clarendon, if this is the product you want:

    Whole Foods - Arlington
    2700 Wilson Blvd.
    Arlington, VA. 22201
    Telephone: 703-527-6596

    by the way, a somewhat similar product (i think from the description) is the rosemary & raisin crackers at trader joe's. they are wow! with cheese, but are good on their own.

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            those look like a match, but what do i know? LOL
            anyhow, i'd like to try them. thanks gmm!

            on amazon:

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              @GMM~ YES! It is the omega slims, banana slims, cocoa slims by! THANK YOU! I just ordered from Amazon what I could... but it looks like they may not be carrying them any longer. These are awesome and I want to look into buying them wholesale for my retail location. Thank you!!! I can't believe you found them! :)