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Jun 28, 2012 10:01 AM

Emulsifying advice:

Does anyone have a tip for getting melted butter and soy sauce to emulsify? I've tried gelatin, agar agar, whisking the butter in cold, and an immersion blender, but the sauce always breaks. I'm trying to not change the flavor if possible, so I'm not using flour or egg. I'd appreciate anything you may have to offer.

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  1. Try adding an emulsifier like lecithin. If you're willing to, you could also try mustard powder, mustard, or honey to help stabilize the emulsion.

    1. Since soy sauce is basically flavored water, would Beurre Monte help?

      1. Two great suggestions. I'd never heard of Beurre Monte, and I have some lecithin on hand. Thanks so much!