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Jun 28, 2012 09:14 AM

Anywhere I can find Roelli Cheese Haus cheeses in Greater Detroit area?

This is who Im talking about:

I just saw something about his Red Rock and Dunbar cheeses and I was wondering if I could get them around here. I can order from the site but shipping is a bit expensive and also they have it at Zingermans but I was wondering if I could find something closer.

Either in the Detroit, Pontiac area or Flint Grand Blanc.

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  1. papa joes, whole foods, ninos, plum markets all have great cheese selections and all have ordered me specialty cheese before.

    1. Oh I just checked the website...they are the makers of Dunbarton Blue my favorite cheese right now. Love that stuff! Yeah, you might have to go to Zingerman's for that. It's not cheap by any means so it will have to be somewhere that has a group of cheese fans willing to pay.
      If you're looking in the Flint/GB area, have you tried Oliver T's?

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        Yeah that dunbar was supposed to be Dunbarton lol. I looked there but they don't have it. I didn't ask them if they could order it though. I may.