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Jun 28, 2012 09:09 AM

Interesting lunch at Sea Salt [Berkeley]

Some new specials have been added to the lunch menu at Sea Salt since I last ate there a few months ago.

My friend had one of them -- the rock cod lavash wrap with grilled zucchini, onions and hummus -- and really enjoyed it. The other specials are a spicy lamb pita sandwich and a fish sausage. Has anyone tried the sausage? Sounds like something that could be good or not, depending.

I had the fish sliders. They were fine, juicy, nothing too special, and came with a pile of lightly dressed baby arugula and house made potato chips.

The highlight of the meal was the Laura Chenel goat cheese parfait we had to start: a lovely stack of sweet pink and purple beets alternating with the tangy cheese and drizzled with a citrus vinaigrette. A sprinkle of small walnut pieces added crunch. It was really tasty and a bit fancier than Sea Salt's usual offerings.

They still have the bacon lettuce and trout sandwich, fish and chips and other standards. My other friend had the fried oyster po'boy and liked it.

I believe a new addition is the choice of a slider with a cup of chowder or salad for 9.5. That seems like a good choice for another time.

I'm so glad I talked my party into skipping T-Rex and heading over here, despite the more difficult parking. T-Rex's menu looked boring and limited by comparison.

Service was great, not too surprising since we were the only people there until halfway through the meal. The outdoor area is a bit windy, but pleasant.

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  1. Good to hear - it's about time K2 Group paid some attention to Sea Salt, which we've always considered the best of the bunch. The menu kept getting shorter and it was becoming too limited. I'm in the "never thicken my chowder" camp, so I adore their clam chowder. Great meal with an order of the tuna sliders.

    1. We went to Sea Salt for lunch with some friends in August 2012 and it was excellent. Surprisingly, also good service - we have been coming here ever since they opened and lunch service is usually way inferior to dinner service.

      HOWEVER....the food columnist for the Diablo magazine reported last month that the K2 Group, after selling T-Rex with the stated reason of 'simplifying their lives', has also let the liquor license lapse on Sea rise to speculation that it may be next on the list to be sold.

      I would hate to see Sea Salt go....we always felt it was much more reliable with better service than Lalime's, where we've had good/bad/good/bad/good/bad etc. experiences way too often over the years.

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      1. re: jaiko

        I agree. It's my favorite of the K2 restaurants.

        1. re: jaiko

          I think Diablo writer Ethan Fletcher must have misread the Sea Salt page on the ABC's site:

          They cancelled the type 41 (beer and wine) license in 2007 after they got the type 47 (full bar) license. The latter is active. It would be insane to let a license lapse, especially if they were trying to sell the place. The annual fees are only a fraction of the resale value.

          1. re: jaiko

            Looks like they are selling the place. Inside Scoop reports that the liquor license is being transferred to someone named Sung Su Han:


            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              But they're keeping Paisan? Is it possible to split them, considering that the areas in back sort of run together -- at least visually?

              1. re: Glencora

                I don't think there are any shared areas. Sea Salt's outside seating is a glassed-in patio directly behind the restaurant.

                1. re: Glencora

                  Paisan is being run by the guy who now owns/runs Bar Cesar. (I'm working off my netbook so don't have access to my PC where I have his name stored, sorry!) The Krikorians are now only "consultants". Their K2 empire is down to Lalime's, Jimmy Bean, and Fonda - and rumor is that Fonda may also be on the block soon.

              2. re: jaiko

                Diablo reports they'll shut down for a week in January and reopen as Eat with less focus on seafood.