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Jun 28, 2012 08:44 AM

Is Delaware ready for food trucks?

I know we have lots of food carts, especially in Newark. But to my knowledge we only have a couple of trucks, one I see every now and then parked on King and 8th and Ms Vicky's Fish Truck parked on 12th St by the prison.

Are there any downstate?

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  1. Not that I have seen in Dover in the last 20 years, except the Sabretts cart at the Post Office. Lower Slower Delaware = anything south of the canal. And Sussex, most southern of the 3 counties has tee shirts that say Delaware, the lower you go, the better it gets. DE is like going back in time, at least below the canal.

    1. There's a Wilmington lunch truck at 11th and West (kebabs/felafel). I work a block away and had food from there once, but the felafel was fairly mediocre so I didn't feel any urge to return. I think they do a decent business.

      I wish there were better options, but I don't see the gourmet-style food trucks being able to get enough business here to support themselves. (Kind of like how gourmet restaurants don't get enough business to support themselves either.) Wilmington, at least, is not exactly a bastion of hipness that is crying out for kimchi tacos.

      1. I see the pizza truck every week at the farmers market in Rodney Square and he seems to do good business. How is Vicky's fish truck? I drive past each morning and am always intrigued. Looks shady, but that doesn't always equal bad.

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          I stopped there tonight to get my aunt a fish sandwich with greens and candied yams. She didn't eat it because she never heard of it before. But then again she's 98 and really grumpy this week.
          The fish is good, thate the only thing I ever had from there. The sides I got tonight smelled good and I'll eat it for lunch tomorrow/

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          1. '...lots of food carts'? I've been living in Delaware for several years, but I'm not familiar with the carts in Newark. Which would you recommend?