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Jun 28, 2012 08:07 AM

jinx's in Cville

Does it still have great BarbQ and is there any other places as good

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  1. Yes, if you hit it when they are open. Belmont BBQ is a good alternative, try the slop bucket if you're not a purist.

    1. My personal opinion is that there is no great BBQ in Cville, including Jinx and Belmont. Everything pales in comparison to what we get when we go south into NC or TN. I've heard good things about the Barbeque Exchange in Gordonsville, but have yet to get there personally.

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        I like the bbq exchange. I consider it one of the new type of bbq joints. These new bbq places offer good bbq, and try lots of innovative things with the side dishes. I especially like the pickles that they make there. You might also look at my profile, I did a review of bbq exchange a while ago over on my web site.