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Jun 28, 2012 08:05 AM

In n' Out coming to Round Rock

"Vining said the restaurant contacted his firm three months ago to help facilitate zoning changes needed at the location In-N-Out is considering purchasing, 4251 N. I-35, next to BJ’s Restaurant. Current planning and zoning ordinances prohibit drive-thru restaurants at that site."

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  1. Looks like that's near the Outlet Mall? Not a bad spot... They wouldn't be competing with any of the local chains.

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    1. re: verily

      Don't think they'd be worried about local competition, I think they are a bit better then most fast food burgers... or maybe I just feel that way because I only get to eat it when i'm on vacation in Vegas

    2. Been waiting for this since I moved here. I've had to make a yearly pilgimage to Oxnard for my double/double with onions fix.

      1. It will be interesting if RR changes the zoning for a drive thru like gtown did for hat creek.I hear they are overated and we have 5 guys in RR already.

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        1. re: nytexan

          Lets face it , mostly a burger is a burger. I will say that for a fact In and Out burgers are not frozen, made to order and yes over hyped. Round Rock will do what ever it takes to make money.

          1. re: nytexan

            Mighty Fine is also already in RR.

              1. re: ericthered

                The point is, I ain't whistlin' Dixie just because yet another hamburger joint is coming to town. Relax and have a glass of Cool-Aid, dude.

            1. re: nytexan

              I'll say this... and I'm a California girl born and raised... In-n-Out burgers are delicious but I've never understood the hype... as a business they are great to their employees and pay way better than most customer service jobs let alone fast food... I think the best part about them is that yes, their fresh never frozen, hand cut to order fries, etc... but, you're not going to pay $20 for burgers and fries like you do at Mighty Fine... it's Mighty Fine quality on a McDonald's budget. Fine by me! ;)

            2. I noticed In-n-Out was listed on Austin google map a few months ago so I figured one was coming. I'm excited, I haven't eaten at one in 2 years now and miss it.

              1. still not official to they get the land rezoned but its not better than 5 guys which we lready have in RR,more excited about jack allen's kitchen and live oak mkt coming along with torchys tacos.

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                1. re: nytexan

                  This is all well and good, but here's the $1,000,000 question: When, oh when, will get a White Castle up in here? ;)

                  1. re: tdombrow

                    There is no White Castle in the South. Your best hope is Krystal which already failed spectacularly in Texas.

                    1. re: TheBadWolf

                      Ugh, I know... such a bummer. I grew up on Krystal and was ecstatic to find that there was one just north of San Antonio, and would stop by whenever I was in the area. Now it's kaput.

                      Maybe it's just wired into my DNA to love it, but I can't comprehend why it didn't last. It's some of the best late night/drunk food ever. Sigh.

                      1. re: popvulture

                        Doncha know, raised in Atlanta and we always had Kyrstal on the way home from the bars, was crushed when SA location I have my mom bring them on the plane when she visits, not half bad out of the microwave!!!!

                  2. re: nytexan

                    nytexan: Jack Allen's kitchen is coming to Round Rock?


                    Love the one southwest; it's just too out of the way to make it a regular haunt. Their slaw w/ their fish tacos is magnificent! Went there after holiday shopping for happy hour - delicious fish tacos with that slaw + a beer all came to $9 and change.

                    1. re: sweet100s

                      I am very very excited about this too!

                      1. re: sweet100s

                        sweet100s -- it's going in at the old Bennegins / Blue Oak Grill space behind Rudy's at exit 254. Perhaps the worst location in Round Rock, hopefully their food will make them successful, I have never tried there far south location, but reviews seem positive.

                        1. re: LakeLBJ

                          I hope they do well. They will certainly be closer to me than before. ;-) I've had some pretty damn fine chow at Jack A's south.

                          1. re: malarkey

                            First person who goes when they open, please start a new topic!