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Jun 28, 2012 07:55 AM


My stock has improved tons. Am making browned duck stock later today. Making it in a crock pot, long and slow. Plan to leave lid off to allow for evaporation/reduction. Starting with chix stock, using browned duck neck/giblets and browned veggies. Is there an optimal cooking time? How will it suffer if is left on too long? Thanks

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  1. Left too long? At what temperature? Allowing your stock to simmer and slowly reduce over a long period of time intensifies its flavor so, as long as it doesn't run dry and burn it should be fine. I would think that cooking it, partially covered, for about three hours should be sufficient.

    1. How about leaving the lid on till it comes to a simmer (or boil if it is hard to identify the simmer), then remove the lid? Some crock pots (especially old ones) do not have enough power to overcome heat lost due to free evaporation. Also you want the solids to remain covered during the extraction phase. If you start out with the bones barely covered, there isn't room for reduction.

      1. Slightly off-topic, but when I made salt beef with a brisket (and didn't leave it long enough, but nm) and then boiled it with a few stock veggies, I decided to boil down the poaching liquid into a strong beef stock, and made a superb risotto with some dried porcini muchrooms.

        So day one, I had tender brisket with fresh homemade bagels and mustard, day 2 I had a beef and mushroom risotto. What a twofer!

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          I was planning on using some of the stock to cook some seasoned rice. rest of stock is needed for Julia C's cherry sauce for the roasted duck.