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Jun 28, 2012 07:54 AM

need restaurant recommendations

My family and I (husband, 2 young children and in-laws) are looking for great italian food, asian food pizza, and bagel restaurants in Manhattan. I am open to suggestions not on the afore mentioned lists. We are staying very near Grand Central Station and are looking to stay near the $20/entree range. We also have theater ickets and are looking for a slightly less kid friendly and a little more expensive restaurant for that night (around $40-$50/entree). Also, if you have any favorite street vendors, we'd love to hear about that, as well (locaton would be helpful).
Thanks for the tips!

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  1. I'm guessing that the reason you're not getting any replies is because your post is so broad, yet so basic. Have you tried doing some searches?

    1. Its true that your post covers so many types of places and searching this board will give you most of your answers. Kathryn has posted so many helpful links in this regard here's a few links that maybe helpful, but there are probably more that would be better. You just have to search.
      Here's just a few ideas:
      Italian: Otto, Frankies, Rubirosa,Gigino, D'Andrea, all reasonable and kid friendly
      Pizza: Co., Motorino, John's, Lombardi, Keste, ( all fun places)
      Asian: Robataya ( kids would love it), Num Peng sandwiches, Soba Koh, Golden Unicorn ( dim sum)
      Bagel: Ess a Bagel, Zucker's
      Seafood: Blue Fin, Lure, Pearl, Ed's Lobster,
      Jewish Deli Style: Katzs ( a NYC must)
      Tapas: Boqueria, Casa Mono
      More Expensive: Al Fiori, Babbo, Acqua Grill, Jung Sik

      These links Kathryn posted for another topic but may apply here:
      Recommendations for LA hounds