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Jun 28, 2012 07:44 AM

Reherasal Dinner near Medford, NJ

we are looking for recommendations for a restaurant near Medford for a wedding rehearsal dinner the first week of October BYO is preferred it's a small wedding party of 25 please help we are staying at the Westin in Mt Laurel anyplace close or in between we would prefer to be closer to the hotel than the venue following the end of the dinner

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  1. La Campagne in Cherry Hill. Not really close to your hotel but the restaurant is not far from Rt. 295 making it not too far of a drive.

    1. I just (mentally) drove from the Westin to Medford, and the only BYOs I thought of with enough room for you are El Azteca (Mexican) and Deany Boy's Steakhouse in Mt Laurel and Tarantella (Italian) in Medford. All three have two rooms and might give one to you.

      1. We had our rehearsal dinner at Tarantella in Medford, almost exactly 5 years ago! The manager was great about working with us on a menu etc., and the food was fantastic. Their second room seats about 50 so we had to share it with another group (also having their rehearsal dinner!) - just an FYI. We also like El Azteca as our go-to Mexican restaurant, but it is very low-key (= not fancy).

        A few other places that I've heard are good, but can't vouch for personally:
        La Posata (Mt Laurel, very close to your hotel)
        Ted's on Main (Medford)
        Green Apple Bistro (Moorestown)