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Jun 28, 2012 07:26 AM

Bruce's Cheese Emporium Greenport LI

Last weekend we took a lovely drive out to Greenport for breakfast. For all of the times we've been to Greenport and walked by Bruce's we've never tried them out.
They were busy on a Sunday morning but we snagged a table for two right away.
My lovely wife had an omelette with cheese and roasted fresh veggies which was excellent. I had the Turkish omelette which was a little unusual with salami, spinach, peppers and feta cheese. It was a fabulous combination.
The omelettes came with fruit and a couple of pieces of warm French bread that was hard to resist.
The espresso and cappucino we had were also top notch.
Pleasant, cheerful, efficient service which is unusual for Greenport.
It seems to be a family run operation. I don't know why we waited so long to check it out.
They sell cheese too!!

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  1. If I am not mistaken, that is the place we have gone to for breakfast each of our trips out there. They also have a great cup of coffee.

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      Bruce's is such a great spot in Greenport - I almost wish it was kept a secret!! Fantastic sandwiches, great brunch, and Greenport Harbor on tap!

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        Just want to correct myself - I was mistaken! The place we always have our breakfasts at is Erik's.

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          Erik's is another favorite of ours. Great for Al Fresco breakfast and lunch.

      2. We saw that Bruce's was now serving dinner Thurs-Sun and decided to check it out last Friday.
        The chef is amazing!! The menu is very creative and reasonable, considering the quality.
        There were 4 of us. Since they are a "Cheese emporium" we shared a cheese tasty platter. I also had an excellent French onion soup to start. Instead of the usual croutons and sea of molten cheese on top it has a nice piece of French bread with melted cheese. Very tasty.
        We had the:
        Lobster "Knuckle Sandwich" which were actually 2 sliders. Lots of tasty lobster meat.
        Bacon cheese burger which was perfectly cooked med rare and big enough to take 1/2 home.
        Roasted duck, very tasty and not at all greasy.
        I had the "Bacon Egg and Cheese" which is a cute name for a nice slab of tender, tasty pork belly, 4 minute egg, cheese shavings and tasty sauce. Everyone at the table wanted a taste. Yummy!!
        We were pretty full but had to try dessert. We shared a couple of tarts, apricot and pecan and some nicely made espresso.
        The attractive and attentive servers made the meal delightful!!
        Worth a trip to Greenport!