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Jun 28, 2012 07:17 AM

A day in Henderson

I may be relocating to Henderson for work. I have a related trip there in a few weeks. I think my time will be booked with "obligatory" events for most of the time, but i will have a free Saturday.

Because I think I will actually be in Henderson, I am hoping to avoid Vegas for my meals (there will be time enough for that! :) ) . With this in mind, what is a local favorite for breakfast? I was hoping for a good burger for lunch, and for dinner? I am not sure. I usually enjoy a hole in the wall type of place. With a preference toward ethnic food. Mexican? Indian? Asian? Or perhaps even sushi.

Where do you think I should go?


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  1. Not a local, but I loved the bagels at Weiss' Deli in Henderson. I'm going to Vegas again and I plan on going here again.

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      I will second on Weiss'. Located in the Trader Joe's strip mall on Sunset and Green Valley. I love their chicken salad sandwich!

    2. Here's a link to a prior post regarding Henderson dining. Note: Sabor is now closed.....

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        HIt the button too soon. We recently ate at Buon Gusto and it was really good. Here's our post.


        Great place for breakfast or lunch, not the usually run of the mill offerings.

        1. Family Diner type food, but good, I enjoy Blue Berry Hill Restaurant. Most of their batters are made from scratch. Food is not too bad. They are locally owned with a few locations near Henderson. Check online. Some are open 24-7.

          1. For breakfast, Henderson just plain sucks. There three exceptions:
            The Griddle at 9480 South Eastern Avenue, The Bar ( and Weiss Deli. Frankly, although I love the food at Weiss, I'm not convinced they have yet to learn how to bake good rye bread or bagels. Their bagels are light and fluffy like a dinner roll.

            I get my bagels at Brooklyn Bagel Deli. You do have a better chance of getting one fresh and hot out of the oven at Einstein Bros Bagels though as Brooklyn only bakes theirs in the very wee hours of the morning.

            Local food critics have been raving about the offerings at Bread And Butter restaurant recently. They do not make the usual breakfast fare and are not of my liking, but what do I know?

            Virtually every bar in the Vegas Valley serves food. Some just fry institutional frozen dreck while others do make an effort to serve good food, freshly made. The Bananas Foster French Toast at The Bar is my favorite breakfast dish there. Don't forget the side order of insulin!

            Most really good Mexican is likely to be found somewhere north of Desert Inn Rd. If I must have a fix without traveling that far, I will likely hit up Fausto's or Roberto's, both on Horizon Ridge. Both are fast food served in Styrofoam type of places. If I want a sit down restaurant with a bar, I'll go to Lindo Michoacan on Carnegie at Horizon Ridge.

            For sushi, I'll wait until I get to Los Angeles. There is no fresh fish at the average local sushi bar as well as a complete lack of variety of interesting species. However you can get a bazillion different rolls that include either mayonnaise, tempura shrimp or spicy tuna made fresh earlier that morning.

            If you mush have sushi and do not regularly travel to either coast, the only decent sushi bar is Island Sushi on Eastern. There are several AYCE sushi bars in the area. The only ones that I like are Sushi Wa on Coronado Center and Blue Fin on Sunset.