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Jun 28, 2012 06:57 AM

North Conway With 3 Year Old

Being North Conway, I'm sure most places are kid friendly. That said, we are looking for a couple recommendations for a good breakfast spot, good sandwich/sub place for lunch and a couple places for dinner.
This is what we like:
Use of fresh local produce, meats etc.
Any kind of Asian cuisine except Indian.

I'm thinking Moat Mountain for dinner one night?

Anything else you can recommend?

We'll be there the week after the 4th.


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  1. We enjoyed our breakfast at Peach's and our dinner at Taste of Thai. Both were solidly good, but not amazing.

    1. Just finished a trip up with a 4 year old. Almost every place is casual and kid friendly except for a few of the inns. I suggest eating early to avoid an hour+ wait. That is especially true at Moat Mountain. If you make it to the other side of mountain, try Woodstock Brewery. We liked Peaches for breakfast. White Mountain Cider Company has great cider doughnuts and sandwiches. White Mountain Cupcakery was delicious and is a Cupcake Wars winner. We love Pizza Barn in Ossipee, its about a half hour drive but their pepperoni is great. Please post any hidden gems you find so we know for next year. Have fun!!!

      1. Flatbread Pizza company is great for lunch or dinner. White Mt Cider company is one of the best dinners out there. A little "higher end" but still kid friendly. The homemade chips are to die for, I highly suggest you indulge as an app. Never really eat breakfast out when we are there but have picked up bagels, etc at little gourmet speciality market/natural foods place just outside the downtown area on the main drag-can't remember the name.

        Zebs country store is fun visit too. Great speciality foods-maple candy, penny candy, local honey, handmade soaps, etc

        1. I have a 1 and 2 year old and we go to N.Conway alot - we really like May Kelly's Cottage - nice Irish pub with great food and completley kid friendly. we also go to Moat Mountain almost everytime we go up there, the burgers are one of the best i have ever had. Peaches is a good spot for breakfast but it gets really crowded - we found a new place just up the road in Bartlett called the Sunrise shack - the food was great and the staff were so accomodating to us! for Pizza go to the Shannon Door in Jackson - really good and not expensive. enjoy your trip - we will be there this weekend too to see Thomas the Tank Engine :-)

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              Good to see these.
              We are braving the Thomas crowds this weekend as well with our two year old. Grammy and Gramps are babysitting Saturday and we are hitting White Mountain Cider. We drive up tomorrow and will probably hit Flatbread or Moat Mountain.

            2. Wow..funny to see this post resurrected from last year! We are headed over there in August with our now 4 year old. Am happy for more recommendations!