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Jun 28, 2012 05:54 AM

All-Inclusive Resorts?? Are there any good options?

I am planning a trip to the Caribbean and I have been researching all-inclusive resorts. Most of the traveler reviews say the food is OK. Are there any Caribbean resorts that offer good food on an all-inclusive package? Am I better off just doing a regular trip and staying away from the all-inclusive deals?

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  1. A lot of resorts now seem to be moving towards the all inclusive model, seems to be a big money maker for them, and a lot of people prefer it. In our experience, hwever, all inclusive is not worth the $$ unless you eat and drink A LOT. the resort where we stay on St Lucia charges $85 pp per day for all inclusive. Since we prefer to make our own breakfasts most days and eat off resort a few times for lunch or dinner, and since we don't sit in the bar drinking cocktails all evening, we save a lot of money going ala carte.

    1. We stayed at an Occidential in the Royal Club area (a higher level than the regular part of the resort) where all our meals were taken in a sit-down restaurant. I thought the food was quite good, everyone in our group did. The downside was the selections were limited (like one red meat, one pasta, one fish entree per night) and we sort of got tired of eating the same items. For example, cold duck breast appetizer at lunch, the same duck offered on a salad in the evening.

      We noticed the staff seemed to be trained to make it as difficult as possible to get drinks during the day on the beach or at the pool and in the evenings in the lounge areas. Service was very slow and the glasses were small, both probably intentional. We are good tippers and that seemed to help.

      My other AI experience was in the DR and the food was barely acceptable.

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        I cannot comment on AI in the Caribbean as I am not aware of one that is amazing. In Antigua you might want to consider the meal plans at Curtain Bluff or Jumby Bay. Also the meal plans at Blue Waters Hotel were always good. I also recommend the meal plans at The Reefs in Bermuda (not the Caribbean but). I feel like AI do not allow the traveler the op to try local's a concept I never embraced.

      2. Its not really an all inclusive, but Caneel Bay on ST. Johns has the best food for a resort. There are 5 restaurants on site which range from casual to fine dining. You can pick the meal plan that fits. I like the breakfast and dinner option and have lunch out during the day on the island. Its pricey but a fantastic place to stay.

        1. The Caves in Negril has great food. Very small, intimate AI. They will make you anything you want for breakfast, two choices (or both) for L and D, no buffets.
          They leave the bar open when the staff leaves for the day, you can help yourself. They also leave snacks at the bar and in your room.
          Expensive, but very cool place.

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            Last year went to Playa Azul in Cozumel a very nice all inclusive little hotel, 50 rooms not luxurious but food was great and served on the beach if you wanted . All à la carte except for breakfast. I never go to all inclusive but for a week decided to give a try and we where very happy! Would go back!