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Your food truck favorites?

The Steinberg from Staff Meal is blowing my mind... What else do you love? What missed the mark?

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  1. Bon Me is the only one I know, and it's pretty good.

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    1. re: Guinness02122

      I am totally addicted to the Thai Basil Limeade at Bon Me

      1. re: jeff Turton

        LOVE the miso pork, & the deviled eggs are good too.

      1. Pennypackers is a hidden gem which gets a number of different combinations right. They do an amazing flask steak sandwich, but they have a number of notable vegetarian dishes. The duck confit sandwich is also delicious, but amazes me more since it comes from the side of a truck.

        One of the cooks told me he was vegan at one time, but he is no longer vegan. They offer some vegan dishes which are tasty.

        The one downside is the location; it's in a remote section of Southie which is accessible by car (and the SL2 bus).


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          Its also by the BU central T stop on a side street.

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            I heard that flask steak is full of bourbon.

          2. Just had one - it is pretty awesome - my favorite burrito right now. They had another one today with pork neck and fritos - looked tempting. I can't figure out why the Taco Truck gets so much more business. They are good, but not as good as Staff Meal.

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                Can't think of much else - maybe a rename top Staff Sustenance?

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                Is it really rich? I've had two tacos from there, the chinese sausage and barbacoa beef, and while they were both very delicious, they were so rich it seems like the burrito would require a nap to recover from. Although it might also make a great hungover lunch.

                1. re: HeinzGirl

                  Yes - definitely on the rich side (otherwise I probably wouldn't have eaten it).

              3. Chickpea fritter from Clover--a falafel-like sandwich wrapped to go, with all the fixins. Messy but delicious!

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                1. re: hazel240

                  Second the Clover chickpea fritter.

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                      I love their pimento sandwich as well.

                2. Second the Chinese sausage taco at Staff Meal. Also really like the Double Awesome at MeiMei.

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                    I don't think Mei Mei has been getting the love it deserves. The Double Awesome may have changed my life. My eggs were perfectly cooked, and for a scallion pancake, it didn't feel overly greasy to me.

                    On a separate note - the last several times I've been to Staff Meal, which had, until recently, been been my favorite truck, I've felt the rice was undercooked. Maybe I'll switch to the tacos. The flavors are still all there and fantastic, but the rice was a major disappointment.

                    1. re: calvnhobs6

                      A scallion pancake with eggs in it? Hells yeah, I am there.

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                        And pesto and cheese! Eggs are lightly poached and super runny. I wish they served it for breakfast! They craft it like a quesadilla. It's genius, Jerry.

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                          Aaaaaand I might have to stop by the Seaport tomorrow...

                          I stopped into Staff Meal the other day and the rice was fine. I actually don't much care for the way they do their tacos. It's like a giant ingredient salad atop two little tortillas. They're difficult to eat. I don't really know why the soft taco even exists as a thing. The burrito is superior in every way. Evolution should have run its course and competed away those silly little things ages ago.

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                            Staff Meal runs away with it easily as my favorite food truck. I still prefer the tacos to the burritos there, as I do pretty much everywhere.

                            I'll echo Clover as my second favorite. That breakfast sandwich is a wonder: they always get the egg just right.

                            I like Bon Me, but not enough not to walk the extra ten minutes to Mei Sum.


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                              My only problem with Clover's breakfast sandwich is that when you order one, they don't give you six. Everything about that sandwich is divine. I almost never eat breakfast, so I don't get them very often, but that's a grand slam food item to me. The flavors and textures are perfect, and it's everything I ever would want from a breakfast. A little salty, a little sweet, a little fatty, a little doughy... man. It also goes perfectly with their excellent coffee.

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                            Had one today, and it was double awesome! Interesting mix of flavors, it reminded me of spanakopita a little, so I bet it had some parsley in it. That egg was cooked beautifully - it was the consistency of pudding. Slightly bitter taste, which I liked, and overall a great sandwich. It's good to have a stuffed scallion pancake option in addition to the roast beef ones at Taiwan Cafe.

                            I also had the fried beef dumplings, which I enjoyed even more. These were some of the best dumplings I have ever had, that shredded beef inside was so moist and flavorful, I demolished all of them first. The soy crema I dunked them in was quite salty and delicious.

                            I definitely will be back, and must try the corn fritters and swiss chard gratin.

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                              Ha -- I actually went over to the Seaport and found the truck as well, just so I could try the Double Awesome on calvnhobs6's recommendation.

                              I, too, was blown away by it. The spanakopita comparison, for the pancake, is dead-on: it's deliciously crispy and flaky and, I think, the star of the dish. The cheddar, the oily pesto... I could've eaten five of them. I even took down a few extra forkfuls of the spicy ketchup, just because I didn't really want the meal to end. This instantly becomes one of the best "fast food" dishes in the city, IMO.

                              The egg was delicious in its own right, but be forewarned: the scallion pancake isn't much for sopping up the runny bits, and you'll make a tragic, delicious mess of your shirt if you try to just pick the thing up and bite into it.

                              The egg means that this dish awkwardly straddles the edge of "handheld food" territory; it's like a quesadilla, but you'll need a fork, spoon, or willingness to lick all around the edges of a "to-go" box in order to finish it. I opted for the latter, and for once, I think my tie escaped unharmed.

                              They'll be at the "Food Truck Throwdown." If the rest of the food is half as good as the Double Awesome , Mei Mei should be your first stop.

                              1. re: FinnFPM

                                I like your egg remnant strategy - I had extra rice from the dumplings, so I dumped it on the egg, stirred it around, and had a nice "leftover treat."

                                Mei Mei is definitely in a whole different league from Momogoose and Bon Me, which are fine, but not trying to do anything too innovative.

                                1. re: nsenada

                                  LOVE the Double Awesome - which I have redubbed the Wicked Awesome - 'cause that's what it is. Glad they're at City Hall on Mondays now - it's a great way to start the work week! : )
                                  I had a side of the pork dumplings before nsenada but there was no dipping sauce that came with the order. They had a great, crispy fry & good taste but could have used a ginger/soy/scallion dipping sauce (something like you would get with a scallion pancake) - it would have really put them over the top.

                        2. re: calvnhobs6

                          Could not agree more re: the double awesome. I loved it so much the first time I had it I wrote a Yelp review of it. I think it was Yelp, at least...I just went to the first place I could think of to write a glowing review of it, pretty much before I had even picked the pesto out of my teeth.

                          Poaching an egg perfectly every time, on a food truck no less, is worthy of mention. Putting it on a crispy-delicious scallion pancake, surrounding it with farmers market-fresh pesto and melty cheddar and serving it with spicy ketchup...that's worthy of high praise. And a trip to wherever their truck is.

                          Speaking of, they aren't always where their website says they'll be. Check their Twitter feed. Sort of annoying but I have no choice but to deal with it, because their food is so good.

                          Their corn fritters are also simply effing fantastic. I could eat thirty of them.

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                            I agree with Staff Meal's rice. Last time I got the Chinese sausage tacos and cannot finish it because of the under cooked rice. It's just making me so uncomfortable. Maybe I will have better luck next time, but I'm sure I'm not gonna be there any time soon.

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                              Today I had the pleasure of being around City Hall before heading back to Copley. So I swung by the Lobsta Love truck for a little $6 slider snack. Pretty good, lots of herbs, only a hint of mayo, and a really nice toasted bun. Definitely a fan, and it came with a handful of chips.

                              Still hungry, I returned to Copley to find Staff Meal, and took MC Slim JB's advice - I went with the Irene V2 Taco, instead of the burrito. Night and day. Minimal rice (which was perfect today), way heavier on the flavors and meat, I'm switching to tacos from now on...and now I can get two different ones for lunch. Loving the switch to the beef tongue, by the way, as good as the pork neck was.

                              I really think we're quite privileged as a city to have this food truck scene emerging. I've had excellent experiences at Staff Meal, Mei Mei, Chubby Chickpea, Momogoose, Bon Me, Clover, Lobsta Love, and Roxy's, with plenty more to try. If you haven't given these a shot, you're really missing out.

                          2. Anyone tried the new offerings at Staff Meal? They look pretty amazing, especially the Peking pig's head and beef tongue tacos.

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                              They should be serving both at the Food Truck Showdown/Throwdown/Whatever on the 13th in Dewey Square. The guys told me the full menu will be available.

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                                I never understand why Staff Meal always seems to be the least busy truck at the SOWA Market. I often wind up there by default because the others are busier, and I've liked or loved everything I've had from them. Bon Me is fine, but the equivalent sandwich in Chinatown is half the price, and no less delicious. I know Roxy's has been on TV and all, but it's still a friggin' $7 grilled cheese. I'm not waiting 20 minutes to order one.

                              2. The faux BLT from Clover is very tasty.

                                1. Anything and everything from M&M Ribs, with particular extra-special hardcore love for the beef brisket sandwich. My god, that sandwich.

                                  1. LOVE the braised short rib w/ carmelized onions and gruyere from the grilled cheese truck at SoWa (forget their name, sadly)

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                                      1. re: FinnFPM

                                        YES! So good. I also like the neat lemonades/teas they have.

                                      2. re: eastbroadway

                                        Is it gruyere or fontina cheese?

                                        Also anyone know why today (10/12) there are at least 8 food trucks parked in Dewey Square? Are they already parked there for the food truck festival this weekend?

                                        1. re: Gordough

                                          It's probably fontina. Also, aren't the trucks always near Dewey for the lunch rush?

                                          1. re: Gordough

                                            I just took a look are there are only three trucks in Dewey: Clover, BBQ Smith, Bon Me. Whatever gathering you saw has since dissolved.

                                            1. re: FinnFPM

                                              This morning at 9:00am there were at least 8 trucks there including Staff Meal. Perhaps it was a dress rehearsal for the festival in terms of where all the trucks are supposed to park.

                                              1. re: Gordough

                                                There is the Food Truck throw-down today (10/13) with 7 Boston trucks and 7 visiting from NY. I believe there is a separate thread about it.

                                        2. I frequent Bon Me, Momogoose, and Mei Mei Street Kitchen. I also go to Pennypackers sometimes.

                                          Bon Me and Momogoose are very similar. They both offer bahn mi (or at least bahn mi-like) sandwiches, rice and noodle bowls. Momogoose also has a salad bowl. I don't get why Bon Me tends to get all the love, because while it maybe has a slight edge, I don't think it's significantly better than Momogoose. I like them both, but I don't think I would go out of my way if they weren't in the neighborhood.

                                          Mei Mei is in a whole different category. I actually don't love the Double Awesome as much as others here. It's very tasty but I feel like adding the egg yolk and cheese to the scallion pancake blunts some of that sharp-tasting, greasy goodness. But that's a minor complaint. Last time I was there they gave me a sample of the pork and rice soup, not something I would order on my own since I'm not a big meat-eater, but I inhaled that heavenly fragrance all the way back to work and it tasted even better. This isn't just good cheap food out of a truck. This is really accomplished cooking that happens to be on wheels.

                                          I've only had sandwiches and tacos at Pennypackers. The quality is very good, but the menu choices don't really appeal to me. I like lots of vegetables (and not just the obligatory roasted eggplant and peppers + goat cheese). If you like bread and meat as a meal, Pennypackers is great. On certain days they have more menu diversity.

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                                            Though I didn't love the Double Awesome, I'm a big fan of Mei Mei in general. Their menu changes frequently, so it's usually best to ask the staff (who are extremely friendly) what they are recommending on any given day. I was recently steered to Jenny's Yu Xiang Eggplant and Tofu and it was delicious. I remember also being impressed with the beef and blue cheese dumplings I had a few months ago.