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Jun 28, 2012 05:03 AM

Sweet Anniez: New ice cream shop in White Plains

A new ice cream shop - Sweet Anniez Ice Cream and Candy Shop - opened up on Mamaroneck Ave between Rutherford and Livingston Avenues, replacing a delicatessen. The ice cream is apparently made by a woman based in Mount Pleasant who did a lot of corporate catering.

Picked up a pint of their espresso chunk ice cream and was impressed. Smooth, not overly sweet, and the espresso flavor was subtle - it didn't hit you over the head. Definitely will try other flavors from there.

Given how saturated WP is with frozen yogurt shops - including two shops right across the street from each other on Mamaroneck Avenue! - it's nice to have an option for homemade ice cream in the city. The gelato at Iron Tomato is pretty good, but I'd hate to still have the best "option" for ice cream be Coldstone!

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  1. I was very excited when I saw an ice cream shop was opening and stopped in to check out the selection. I was wondering if they made the ice cream themselves and looked on the side of one of the "tubs" and saw a Hood label - which is mediocre to bad ice cream. Didn't have a chance to ask them as they were busy with other customers, but I would like to clarify if maybe some of their flavors come from there and others from Mt. Pleasant. Anyway, i was kind of disappointed that they weren't making their own ice cream in the store. I think White Plains deserves a true homemade ice cream shop.

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      Well, I know Hood doesn't make espresso chunk ice cream...maybe they're just using old Hood tubs to store the ice cream. Didn't taste like cheaply-made ice cream to me, but I'll have to try a few more flavors to get a better sense.