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Jun 28, 2012 04:57 AM

SE Conn: OUTDOOR Dining between the triangle of New Haven - New London - Middletown !

So want to get a list going for the summer so I can plan a route!


With a View? <of what>
Self serve?
Just stay away - no matter what they say?

If you have been there - tell us about your experience
If not, share whatever you have heard!

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  1. The Place - Rte 1 in Guilford. BYOB grilled clams, chicken, corn n stuff, completely outdoors (you sit on tree stumps around spindles). Unique & fun.

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    1. re: benbenberi

      I second this! Before even reading this comment, I was thinking the's got to be 'The Place'. Seriously delicious clams and unique atmosphere. Bring some bug spray and make sure the weather is nice, though.

      1. re: youngmodernist

        Thanks for giving the info = for some reason there is less activity on this thread than I had hoped....maybe the economy in CT really has alot of folks tamped down

    2. in Westbrook View of the marsh/river with music from big band to rock

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        Passed by Bill's today and saw Ospreys in the built up nests in the marsh. Westbrook also has Edd's Place with similar marsh views and a more down home menu. Over in Old Saybrook, the Back Porch has a nice view of the Ct.River marinas and acceptable food, although it is more into the bar scene. I hear Fresh Salt has some outdoor tables, but I haven't been there since the name change so I don't know what they overlook.
        Farther upstream, the Blue Oar in Haddam has outdoor picnic tables with a good view of the river. and a shelter in case it rains.
        Near New Haven Lenny's Indian Head Inn in Branford has more marsh views from it's "back porch".

          1. re: few

            Fresh Salt is in the Saybrook Point Inn, overlooks a marina. Lovely view, good drinks, mediocre food.

            1. re: dennisl

              While Fresh Salt's food IS inconsistent, I can vouch for their swordfish chop and seafood cioppiono. Both are very good along with the raw bar offerings and as dennisl says, great ambiance inside and outside and the drinks are top notch.

      2. Captain Scott's in New London for outdoor seafood dining!!!!

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          The Dock on the Waterford, Niantic line has a better view than Captain Scott's. The typical fried offerings are about equal but Captain Scott's has a superior lobster roll to the Dock. The Dock has a killer fish ruben sandwich though.