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Jun 28, 2012 04:38 AM

What to do with LOTS of parsley?

I have been getting LOTS of parsley in my CSA box and I don't know what to do with it all. I have tried pesto, but it wasn't popular with my kids- they said it was too "spicy". I was thinking tabbouleh- I like a high parsley to bular ratio- but I don't know any recipes to use. Does anyone have any parsley heavy recipes or lots of smaller ideas of how to cook with parsley? thanks!
by the way- it is Italian parsley, not curly parsley.

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  1. I've had fried parsley tacos in Mexico and they were strangely delicious. Not much too them, but fabulous corn tortillas, quite a bit of parsley. I'd google around for a recipe, I've been thinking of doing so as we're about to have a ton of parsley in our herb garden. I've also always made chimchurri when I've had an abundance of parsley on hand. I recently tried a Tyler Florence recipe on the recommendation of a friend and it was good! I didn't follow his tenderloin part, I have my own, better way - but his chimichurri was good!

    Otherwise, I've just been adding parsley to everything - potato salad, meatballs, cucumber salads. You could also freeze some of it, I haven't, but I know plenty of people have a method for freezing their herbs, perhaps someone will share their method here. I don't love tabbouleh, but I'm sure someone has a great recipe!

    1. You might try Alton Brown's Parsley Salad. I discovered the recipe in one of AB's books from Good Eats, and added the recipe to the list of recipes I intend to try someday, just haven't gotten around to it yet. It calls for two quarts of parsley:

      1. parsley butter
        you can dry some of it it and use it that way
        I add parsley to certain smoothies
        def as one of the greens in a salad
        chop up a bunch for ease of use in recipes
        parsley pesto cut with basil is better than by itself

        1. I think you could freeze the pesto as cubes and use it to stir into soups, stews, or beans, where your kids may not notice it as pesto. Parsley pesto on grilled steak, chicken, or fish or sauteed with shrimp sounds wonderful, though maybe not for your kids. I like to add it plain to sandwiches, right along with the letttuce, and, as tiffeecano has already suggested, when I have it growing (way too hot here now), I chop it and sprinkle it on practically everything. BTW, my mom always freezes chopped parsely as is and just spoons some out of the container to add to whatever she may be cooking that would be enhanced by parsley.

          1. Try a cream of herbs soup? You just lightly sweat a few onions, diced carrot and celery in a bit of butter, add stock and cook until all the veg is very tender, then add the parsley and other herbs you might have (celery leaves, chervil, wild garlic leaves, chives, sorrel, dill or mint are all good) and literally only let it cook for another 30 secs or so before pulverising it with a stick blender and adding a hearty splash of cream plus salt and pepper. Makes an aromatic and really summery light starter :)

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              I dry it in the oven. Lots of recipes call for dried parsley.