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Jun 28, 2012 01:23 AM

Green Grocer Breakfast at Windsor Farmers Market (and Santa Rosa)

No one was more excited than I was to learn that Chef Joe Rueter of Green Grocer was feeding the public again.

Still it took me a few weeks to drop in on the Sunday morning farmers market in the Windsor Town Green to see what he’s up to. Quite a bit it seems. Cooking out of the back of a delivery truck, selling farm produce, catering, and teaching butchery/charcuterie classes are a few of his services. Here’s Green Grocer’s daily menu using local ingredients,

Sample plates of the items are on display. Rueter does his prep work facing the crowds rather than turning his back, drawing one into the process. I was happy to see that he uses white porcelain dinnerware and metal utensils that can be re-used instead of disposables.

The bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, $6, featured two thick slices of Berkshire pig bacon criss-crossed over a very fresh, runny-yolked fried egg. Some fresh thyme was sprinkled over the mild cheddar cheese melted on the egg. The whole wheat biscuit was on the heavy side, yet earned seasonal bonus points for the aromatic flecks of green garlic.

The folks sharing my picnic table on the green enjoyed the crispy duck tacos with cherry salsa. They said they’d had them the week before and returned for a repeat.

This month, Windsor Green Grocer started cooking at the Wednesday morning Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market too.

Windsor Green Grocer
6403 Windsor Rd.
Windsor, CA 95492

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  1. I went to the Veterans Bldg on Wednesday morning in Santa Rosa and there was NO Farmers Market... now, it's moved to the Wells Fargo Center (aka Luther Burbank) on Mark West Springs Road.

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    1. re: Cynsa

      That's the same website that I linked above for the Wednesday appearance of Green Grocer. Yes, the location is the Wells Fargo Center.

      But I am confused when you say there was no Wednesday morning market at the Vets building. The Redwood Empire farmers market has taken over that space on Wednesday and Saturdays. While I've not been to a Wednesday market myself, I've shopped there on Saturdays since the changeover. The market is located on the opposite side of the building from where the Original market used to set up. It is smaller, could you have missed it? That would be easy to do if you did not circle the parking lot.

      The website for Redwood Empire says "We will be operating two farmers markets at the Santa Rosa Veterans’ Memorial Building beginning on Saturday 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m. and Wednesdays 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m." And I've checked the facebook page and there's nothing there about a wednesday market being cancelled nor are there any recent posts about a wednesday market in operation.

      1. re: Cynsa

        They are having a celebration this Wednesday - July 4- and moving back to the parking lot where the original market was located. I went today and the stone fruit is eat me right now with juice dribbling down my arm outstanding!

        1. re: jackiecat

          Wish I could be there tomorrow, hope you'll tell us about it.

      2. Green Grocer takes part in the Saturday morning market in Santa Rosa too. A few weeks ago, some friends joined me there for brunch. Plates are large, using real dinnerware, generous enough to serve two.

        Crispy Organic Duck Tacos, $14 - Muscovy duck confit, fresh strawberries, goat cheese, avocado & corn tortillas. “Crispy” refers to the crackly skin of the full flavored chunks of duck confit and the crunchy tortillas. Not sure the strawberries fully worked, and I’d probably prefer the blood orange salsa or sour cherry confiture offered in other seasons. But nonetheless, these tacos are great.

        Hippie "Hash", $12 – Despite the “dopey” name, I was cajoled into ordering this veggie option, and I’m glad we did. Home fried potatoes, shiitake mushrooms, pristine market veggies, toast, avocado & two farm eggs can’t begin to describe how good this is. Ultra-fresh broccoli rabe, sweet spring onions, chunky new potatoes all cooked on point to be bathed with runny egg yolk banished flashbacks of patchouli oil and ‘60’s era vegetarian dishes.

        Sustainable Shrimp & Grits, $14 – Even more special than the other two dishes, rough-textured grits were deeply savory. Topped with firm, spicy shrimp, fresh herbs and bitter greens, discs of red spring onions, and finished with intensely aromatic crunchy fried coriander seeds. Puddles of hot sauce in two corners of the plate could add extra heat if desired.

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Split an order of the duck tacos and a breakfast sandwich (with sausage) from the Green Grocer at the Windsor Farmers Market this past Sunday. Both were very good.

          No shrimp and grits which look really good. Maybe next week.

        2. Wow!, just split an heirloom BLT from the Green Grocer at the Windsor Farmers Market. Grilled bread, avocado, sliced bacon lettuce and ripe heirlooms.

          All packed together and sliced in half, this triple decker sandwich had to be at least 3 inches thick. Had trouble getting my mouth around it but it was fun trying :).
          Did not have my phone with me, would like to have a photo of that sandwich.

          Delicious and was lunch for both of us. Best $12.00 you can spend.

          Other goodies being served from the GG this morning were,

          Breakfast Burrito
          Grilled Peach Salad
          Duck Tacos

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          1. re: tom246

            Green Grocer is making an appearance tonight at Alexander Valley Bar (at Medlock Ames), 5:30-8p. Live music too.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Thanks for the info. Normally I would be all over it but we are heading out to The Spinster Sisters for their Sunday supper. Too many choices :). I have bookmarked the Medlock Ames option for the future.

            2. re: tom246

              And I did make it to Alexander Valley Bar, where I learned that Green Grocer will be cooking there every other Sunday. GG now sells at ELEVEN farmers markets, including Clement St in San Francisco. This seems to be the best list of its appearances (more up to date than its own website), and Clement St and Tuesday's Forestville market should be added.

              The Farm Trails page says that GG gives members a 10% discount at farmers markets. Membership appears to be free, though one should certainly make a donation.

              I did get a photo of the BLT like you ordered, yes, it's huge! And the grilled peach salad. . . which is what I think I'm getting next.

              Here's a link to your post on Sunday supper at Spinster Sisters.

            3. Hmm, looks like Green Grocer is no longer listed as a vendor at the Windsor market. But I did catch lunch yesterday at the Original Santa Rosa market at the Wells Fargo Center.

              When I ordered the fatty crab sandwich from the day's menu, I was offered the option of a salad instead of a bun. Sold! Green Grocer buys its produce at the market and will feature the best of the season, so I was all for maximizing the goodness.

              Watching the ripe avocado being squeezed onto the pile of tender crab meat, I asked for a little finishing salt. Besides the salt, a drizzle of olive oil went over the top too. And for good measure, I was offered a dollop of harissa made by the market's Hummus Guy as well. With all this going on, I was well into my salad before i realized that the greens were actually undressed. No problem, Chef Joe whipped up a vinaigrette with peaches to plop on the side. Even more delicious.

              Four months ago, Green Grocer opened a brick & mortar restaurant in Sebastopol across the street from The Barlow. Well, it's actually a rail car. Open from 9am to 11pm, I'll have to remember it for one of those late night drives home. I asked Chef where I would find him on farmers market days. He said that he likes to get out and cover the market stands and do his shopping at the same time. He assured me the crew doing breakfast and lunch at the restaurant have been working with him for some time. Then he's there for dinner service. He said he has a much more extensive menu at the restaurant and can do more customization.

              The Green Grocer Restaurant
              6761 Sebastopol Ave #600-800
              Sebastopol, CA 95472
              (707) 837-8113