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Jun 27, 2012 10:31 PM

Vitamix 48 oz blade set does not work in 64 oz container

A word of caution. I recently bough a Vitamix Creations II blender with a 48 oz container from QVC. After my purchase, I noticed that Amazon was selling a 64 oz Tritan Copolyester container without blades for about $ 35.

I thought I would buy the 64 oz container without blades and switch the 48 oz wet blades into it until I purchased another set of blades. It turns out the 48 oz blade set won't work in the 64 oz container. Here's why:

The 48 oz wet blade set has a sprocket that is about 1/4 inch too tall for the 64 oz container. When installed in the 64 oz container, it sits on top of the blender base and rocks on the sprocket with the container base 1/4 inch in the air.

The standard wet and dry blades do work with the 64 oz container and it fits properly on the Creations II base.

So if you buy a 64 oz container without blades, you cannot use the 48 oz blade set in it. You have to buy a set of standard blades for it (wet or dry).

This same problem has been reported in several customer reviews of the 64 oz no-blade container at Amazon, when they also tried to use the 48 oz blade set in the 64 oz container.

Here's a link to their reviews:

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  1. Does Vitamix ever claim that blades are interchangeable between different sizes of jars?

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      I believe it's done all the time between the 32 oz and 64 oz containers. The standard wet blade fits both. The dry blade only seems to be sold with recommended use in the 32 oz container.

      Looking on the Vitamix website, I can't find any mention or guidelines of what fits where. An official FAQ would be nice.