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Jun 27, 2012 10:28 PM

Who has the best Shiokara?

Several Japanese restaurants and Shochu bars offer Shiokara. Many have only the Industrial made variety, much like what you can buy in a jar in Japanese Supermarkets.
Brushstroke Izakaya excels in the Shiokara department.. I had the omakase meal once again and the second course was an assortment of 3 types of shiokara. a mild squid shiokara, a shrimp shiokara, a tofu with shiokara, also served was komochi konbu ( herring roe with kelp), and a crab meat with uni,
A while later I was served a very fermented and strong tasting ( which I love) ika shiokara with the squid ink. This was fantastic. This place really has terrific dishes and terrific sushi. I also had fried anago bones later on in the meal. Great place. Great sake and Shochu selection with a knowledgeable sommelier.

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  1. A life time ago, Tsukushi used to have very good "shuto (酒盗)", which literally means "sake thief". It is shiokara (塩辛) of tuna intestines. I don't know whether they still have it or if the quality is as good though, since I haven't been back for years.

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      Awabi kimo ( abalone liver) is a popular one , but not very strong tasting. The most intense Ive ever had was squid liver at Hatsuhana in Chicago many years ago. It was black and intense. I've had Tuna watta (guts) at 15 East and at Kano yama and they were pretty good. If they know i'm going there they have it for me. Brushstroke always seems to have it, and when I drink sake and shochu it goes well. At Bouley upstairs Mikami-san used to make the Okinawan tofuyo or tofiyo its fermented tofu with same strong taste of fermented guts. I have also had that at Kajitsu. I never heard the term shuto, but good to know. Watta is the term I have used, but I like the idea of "sake thief". In Japan I've had toriwasa ( raw chicken of a very fresh killed chicken with wasabi) a very good treat.

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        In Korea, we have similar expression called "bap dodook", literally meaning "rice thief". It is a nick name for fresh crabs fermented in soy sauce (more commonly called "ganjang gejang"). Soy sauce, ginger and other spices are boiled and cooled down. Fresh crabs are marinated in it over night in the fridge, Take crabs out of the sauce, boil sauce again, and cool it down. Put the crabs back into the sauce and marinate overnight in the fridge. You repeat this procedure several days and eat. They are so yummy!

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          Wow, those crabs sound awesome, i hope they have those where I eat in K town ( 32 W 32nd St) i have no idea what the name of the place is, but it's the one with the real coal bbq

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            You mean NY Kom Tang Soot Bul Kalbi. Unfortunately, they have only spicy crabs, not the one in soy sauce that I talked about. Besides, their crabs are really tiny and have barely any crab roe... So far I haven't found any authentic soy sauce marinated crabs in New York.

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              Sad, I should have had that when I was in Korea. Next trip. Or i'll investigate, some place might have it, maybe in Ft. Lee area