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Jun 27, 2012 07:36 PM

Providence romantic dinner

Me and my lady are going out to celebrate an anniversary, and I'm just looking for suggestions. I want a fine dining experience, so nothing too casual and a nice decor preferred. I put some thought into Capriccio, Gracie's and Capitol Grill. Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks

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  1. For romantic, I would remove the Capitol Grill from that list and strongly consider Chez Pascal and Gracies.

      1. re: Dave S

        While we love Mill's Tavern and Gracie's (many others as well), the absolute most romantic restaurant in Providence is Chez Pascal. You won't be disappointed.

      2. I would recommend Gracies over the other two, the decor and atmosphere is very romantic, low lighting and quiet tables... and I would always choose a local restaurant over a chain.
        Mills is also very nice