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U-pick stuff??

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Remember going strawberry picking as a kid. Usually my BEAUTIFUL Aunt Peggy, her 3 kids, Dad and us 3. Rode out to field on wagon with pre-weighed containers. My Dad's wardrobe of choice... a WHITE t-shirt. He always ended up looking like a murder victim... everybody chuck the super soft strawberries at him... easy target!

Remember one time when we went cherry picking. Needed a ladder for that so it was a little more "dangerous".

One time, neighbor was going to pick his own spinach and asked if I wanted some. SURE! He gave me a big black GARBAGE bag full!

What have you picked?

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  1. Strawberries - once when I was pregnant and owned ONE pair of maternity shorts, we went strawberry picking. I had to sit down to pick due to my tummy, so of course I sat in strawberries and ruined my shorts...

    Raspberries - picked them one time - stung by a bee!!

    Still I persevere...

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    1. We were lucky to have a great farming area near us when I was a kid. We picked strawberries, cherries, peaches, apples and corn. Now that I'm older, I hate picking strawberries. I'd much rather stand or climb a ladder to pick tree fruit than crouch to pick strawberries.

      1. Strawberries, blueberries, apples, cherries, raspberries, and many years ago, asparagus.

        Can't find u-pick asparagus anymore around here...too bad, it was fun. Wouldn't care to do it for a living, though.

        And we won't have apples or cherries here this year because of the goofy weather this spring, which breaks my heart. Apple-picking in the fall is something we really look forward to :(

        1. The entire berry clan, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, pumpkins, the entire leafy green clan, concord grapes (clipped), peaches, apples, sunflowers (giant heads), herbs and potatoes.

          1. The u-pick strawberries near me were absolutely amazing this year. Half the size of grocery store strawberries and twice as flavorful, and I think they only charge something like $1.50 or $2/lb, which is a steal, IMO. Next year if they're good again I'm going to pick a few flats worth and make enough jam to last me more than a week! :D

            We cherry-picked standing in the back of a pickup, which felt a bit sturdier than a ladder, and I think I still have a jar of that jam... oh gosh, must be six or eight years later.

            1. We lived in house that backed up to a sweet corn field for a few years when I was a kid. Every year on the weekend before he started harvesting, the farmer invited us to pick as much corn by hand as we could in one day.

              1. We had such a strange winter that the strawberries were available in Fredericksburg, Tx the first
                weekend in MARCH! I went to pick, again succumed to "rapture of berries" and over picked so
                shared with friends on our ranch. Everyone thought these berries were the best in years...fully ripe through to the center and about the size of plums. As the season drew to a close, a full 6 weeks earlier than normal, the berries were smaller, but equally as delicious. Haven't gone to the
                same farm for peaches and blackberries, yet, but plan to do that before the season shuts down due to the horrific heat. 104 yesterday and that doesn't make me yearn to be picking anything.