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Jun 27, 2012 07:28 PM

Seeking very kosher restaurant in midtown

Some friends and I are looking for a place to have a reunion early on a Monday evening. One of us is strictly kosher. She suggested Cafe Classico (W. 57 St.) and Colbeh (Persian-- W. 39 St.), but I saw they did not get very good reviews. She also suggested Le Marais, but that is too pricey for us. We don't want to spend much more than about $25. pp. We would like mid-town west, not too far from Port Authority. We're open to American and all different types of cuisine. But it must be extremely kosher. (One friend suggested Kosher Deluxe, but it did not meet with our Orthodox friend's approval.) Thanks very much.

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  1. Did you try posting on the Kosher board? You might get more responses over there. Good luck.

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      Thanks for the suggestion-- I didn't know there was a Kosher board.

    2. Prime Grill, on 49th between park and lex is a really good steakhouse under the ou (super kosher certification). sister restaurant solo is in the sony building, at 55th and madison, and is a really good choice as well - also under the ou. look 'em up at

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        Both of those are out of our price range.

      2. You might consider Great American Health Bar (downstairs from Cafe Classico). This is kosher dairy -- salads, pastas, &c. Coffee shop atmosphere. Large portions.

        1. Le Carne Grill on Lexington and 40 St or Mendy's on 34th for something less fancy. 2nd Ave Deli on E 33 St is also Kosher.

          1. Ladino- 55th and 8th, or Noi Due Cafe- 79th and bdwy (a little further up). I have some kosher friends and have been to both. I'd go back to either place without them.