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Jun 27, 2012 06:56 PM

cow tipping creamery on 620

tried this place tonight after seeing a comment here on another thread. YUM!!! i had my scoop of toasted coconut chocolate dipped in butterscotch on a pretzel cone. sooo good. will have to go back to try more of their delicious offerings. apparently they do an ice cream social on sunday evenings starting at 5:00pm to promote a community atmosphere with games and music. go check them out, i say!!

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  1. Saw this place mentioned in the Hard Hat report just yesterday and started thinking about how to arrange an excursion there. Can you describe how to spot it from 620? From 620 heading south... is it left or right?

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    1. re: cpencis

      It's on the right side not far past Anderson Mill Rd as you head towards the lake. I think it's around the Golf Center. It's in a small lot with another trailer.

      There's another ice cream trailer much farther down 620 around Lakeway. Sadly, I've tried neither because I never have cash on me.

      1. re: verily

        Verily is correct. It's just south of the golf driving range on the same side and almost across the street from Apple Sport Imports.

        1. re: verily

          They accept credit cards. Also, if you "like" them on Facebook they post the daily ice cream flavors.

      2. my coworkers and i are planning a noble pig / cow tipping creamery excursion.
        we just have to figure out a time where we can maybe get a table at NP...

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        1. re: dinaofdoom

          I've not been back to NP since the Guy Fieri DDD coverage, has it become further crowded? Are we facing a Yogi Berra saying ('Nobody goes there anymore, its too crowded')?

          1. re: cpencis

            good question. i haven't been there either. i was just thinking of trying to get a table for 6+ at lunch, even before that, as a slim possibility.

            1. re: dinaofdoom

              Friends who went TNP yesterday around 1:30 pm said it was very crowded. Word is that weekends are crazy--people are driving up from San Antonio to try it on the basis of DDD. Hopefully, they can manage the craziness until they are able to expand the seating area into their retail space.

          2. re: dinaofdoom

            My friend and I copied your Noble Pig/Cow tipping creamery excursion. We loved it and the food at NP was well worth the 10 minute wait in line! I had the Duck Pastrami with Russian dressing. The meat was the star and outstanding. I had the Ladies Delight at CTC and it was equally good. Salted ice cream is unusual but wonderful. Sorry about the gushing, but these are really good restaurants!

            1. re: raisncains

              Noble Pig is catering next month's Bats & Beers party. Between that and Adelbert's brews, it should be fantastic. The last one I attended had all you could eat Franklin Barbecue. They had so much extra brisket at the end they started raffling it off.

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