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Jun 27, 2012 06:32 PM

need reccomendation for best Steak "Value" in Las Vegas

First time visitor to LV in July......

Looking for reccomendations for a "good steak".......( $50-$60 range)

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  1. Is the $50-$60 just for the steak or including sides, cocktail, tip, etc?

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    1. re: Eric

      Just the steak for $50-$60.
      I've read some other threads on here about steaks in Vegas.....seesm to be a very diverse opinion

    2. The "Cut of the Week" at Charlie Palmer Steaks. Steak, starter, family style sides, dessert and wine included. Was $48 pp when we had it, and enjoyed it very much, December 2011. The cut that week was a ribeye. Food, room, service, and included wine were all excellent.

      1. Bone-in Ribeye at Delmonicos in the Venetian. I wouldn't call a $50 steak a "value", but it's fantastic.

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        1. re: freshlycured

          +1. Plus the steak is huge! So in that way, a good value. Delicious sides too, and lovely lobster bisque.

          1. re: MrsCris

            thanks......looks like Delmonico is the way to go

            1. re: MDicecreamguy

              Couldn't disagree more. Uneven quality, fairly sterile room, and steaks that are more about the seasoning and butter than flavor. Some like that but personally I like quality beef unadorned and seasoned w/nothing more than salt and pepper. Why obscure quality beef with all that stuff? That's just my opinion.

              I will add a HUGE +1 for Charlie Palmers "Cut of the Week" for quality/value ratio. Nothing else on the strip comes close.

              1. re: LVI

                Had dinner at Delmonico tonight. Excellent steak. Thanks for the reccomendation

                1. re: MDicecreamguy

                  Glad you liked it. Hope you saved room for the Banana Cream Pie. I 2nd LVI's recommendation on Charlie Palmers "Cut of the Week". . . . although you're not guaranteed that the cut will be a traditional steak. When I went, I had a great meal featuring an excellent lamb/veal (the included wine pairings cloud my memory) shank.

        2. Delmonico's has been a go to for reasonable priced steak without breaking the bank..
          Country Club at the Wynn or Hugo's Cellar downtown..
          Make sure you go to Lotus of Siam for the best Thai for lunch and order off the menu...they have beef satay.