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Jun 27, 2012 06:27 PM

Farm to table restaurants

I hope this doesn't sound too naive, but as an Easterner about to take my first LA trip, I was hoping to get ideas for great farm-to-table restaurants. Out here, they're fairly rare, but I'm sure in CA they're everywhere.

Would love some suggestions within about 20 minutes of Burbank, if possible.


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  1. My favorites are all on the westside in the Santa Monica and Venice area.
    Gjelina in Venice (also open for Lunch) and open till midnight daily.

    Fig in Santa Monica and 1/2 off their regular menu Tues-Sat 5pm to 6pm

    and Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica (dinner only

    plus a bit farther is Manhattan Beach Post in Manhattan Beach 3 miles south of LAX. (Dinner every night and lunch only on Fridays. Brunch on Sat and Sun

    Much much longer drive then 20 minutes but all are worth it. Make sure you get reservations first. Welcome to LA

    1. Wienermobile gives an excellent list of what is on the west side, where I live too. But there are lots of them all over the city. One suggestion I have is to check with the concierge of your hotel where you are staying, they should be up to the job. But within 20 minutes of Burbank would include:

      The Langham Hotel, Pasadena. The Royce is the name of the restaurant.
      Canale - Which I believe is in Los Feliz
      Hatfield's in mid city
      Eveleigh in Hollywood/W Hollywood
      Lazy Ox Canteen, downtown
      Mendocino Farms Sandwich shop, downtown

      1. Thank you both so much. I am trying to stay on my diet for this vacation, and I thought the most delicious way to do this was to take advantage of the great CA produce!

        1. I'm going to go off topic just a bit in that it isn't farm to table but...if you want plenty of veggie options, try Lemonade. They call their food "Seasonal Southern California Comfort Food" and the service is cafeteria style. There is one in Pasadena.

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            be aware that Lemonade specializes in pre-prepared, pre-dressed, salads that they will scoop onto your plate.
            Lemonade is not in the same league as any of the restaurants mentioned by weinermobile.
            it is OK for a very CASUAL lunch, but imho not a destination restaurant.

          2. The original comment has been removed