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Jun 27, 2012 06:08 PM

Do any other nations each corn on the cob?

Given that it is that time on year, I am wondering if any other nations eat fresh corn on the cob like we do in America: boiled in water, buttered and salted.

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  1. In Mexico you commonly find ears of corn sold on the street that is cooked on a grill or boiled and slathered in mayo and coated with cojita cheese and dusted with chile/limon powder

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      I've also seen them with sort of a sour cream ("crema"). And I think its cotija.

      What other continents grow corn?

      Answer; all but Antartica!

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        I know corn is grown and eaten in Northern Italy, but it is mostly grown and eaten as a grain (polenta).

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        Exactly, scuba. And Mexico does not feature the sweet, watery, thin-walled kernel hybrids we favor stateside, but rather thick kernel turbocharged carbohydrate varieties, as 53% of the Mexican caloric intake is from corn tortillas. Enjoy the mexican street corn with accoutrements, but carry about 50 meters of floss!

        The roasted blue corn kernels in Peru (cancha) with salt and chile are served hot and are an addictive bar snack/ appetizer, plus their beverage cousin, chicha morada, are another subject.

      3. I saw ears of corn for sale years ago in New Zealand. They had been steam cooked in the hot springs of Rotorua.

        1. A Canadian or two have been known to eat corn on the knob {;-/)

          1. For anyone interested, here is an interesting discussion of whether corn is a grain or a vegetable.


            1. Several years back, neighbors had an exchange student from Italy. A summer bbq in NJ is some kiinda "beast" on grill, REAL tomatoes and corn on the cob. She looked at us like we had lost our last brain cells when we dove into silver queen corn. Seems where she came from corn on the cob was pretty much ONLY for animals. We straightened her our quickly!!

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                That's odd. I have a very fond memory of a great grilled corn on the cob from a street vendor in Rome about 15 years ago. Brushed with olive oil and a little black pepper.