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Jun 27, 2012 05:11 PM

Best place to get chicken larb in Thai Town?

I recently came back from a trip to Thailand and really fell in love with a dish I rarely order here in LA. Chicken larb was EVERYWHERE in Thailand, so I ate it again and again. Who makes the best version here in LA?

Also, is there a thai restaurant that serves massaman curry? That was a popular dish in Koh Samui.

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  1. For chicken larb and other larb and larb-like dishes, I would try Yai's on Hollywood. It specializes in NE-Thailand food.

    I've never had the massaman curry at Jitlada, but it's the natural place to try in Thai Town, since it specializes in Southern Thai food.

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      do you know if Jitlada has it on their menu?

    2. Krua Siri on Hollywood also makes several types of larb- all are superb, though I am partial to the duck version. They also have an Issan sausage with what I think of as the perfect texture- meaty, not as crumbly as Pailin's (also very good) version...

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        thanks, i've been meaning to try Kura Siri.

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          +1 for Krua Siri! The fish larb is great too.

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            Their chicken larb is great. Their duck larb is even better. But best of all is their catfish larb - which wasn't obviously on any menu when I wrote my first review, or I would have spent have the time ranting about its glory. Interestingly, each of the larbs is very different in texture: chicken is like other larbs I've had, their duck larb is often softer and more stew-y, and the catfish larb has that dried-fluff thing going on. Drives me nuts with joy

            My mind is slipping me - the place across from Ruen Pair... starts with a G... Sounds like "Gunga Din"... something. Anyway, they make really good duck larb, it's not on the menu but it's written on the wall sometimes.

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              Ganda, which may also have the finest steam table take-out food in all of LA.