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Jun 27, 2012 04:30 PM

Best Supermarket In Denver

any suggestions going beyond Whole Foods?

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  1. King Soopers (Kroger) controls 57% of grocery sales in the metro area, so be glad for a HF! Safeway and Albertsons struggle in that market, and the only IGA I recall failed in 2001.

    1. Trader Joe's will be here soon:)

      I like Safeway best, but King Sooper's is closest, so that's where I usually end up going:(

      1. I use a combination of King Soopers, Sunflower and Target mostly with the occasional WF and Safeway stop. Looking forward to the addition of Trader Joe's but really really wish we had a Wegman's. Oh, how I miss Wegman's.

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          Please do not poke that raw wound in my soul left by the absence of Wegman's. I'd suppressed most of my longings until you mentioned it. The worst is when friends back east post on FB about how excited they are to be getting a Wegman's near them.

          Like you, I'm currently using a combo - Mostly King Soopers, some WF and some Sunflower.

        2. My answer- it depends on what I'm buying. Since I mostly purchase ingredients, rather than prepared food, I hit markets depending on the menu. I also prefer when possible to buy organic and grass-fed.

          Produce- usually a farmer's market in season or Sunflower. Sometimes Natural Grocer's (aka Vitamin Cottage), the selection is pretty limited/seasonal, but if you don't mind that, it's good, and all organic. And I don't know what's in the water at VC, but the people are super nice at every one I've been to.

          Meat- I know you want "not WF", but I do buy much of my meat at WF or a small butcher that I know where the meat comes from. Sunflower's "all-natural" beef doesn't give you an origin, but they do carry Rosie's chicken. The meat dept. people aren't terribly helpful with the meat-sourcing issue, at least at the one I go to. Seafood Landing gets my fishy business.

          But- I live near a Safeway. There's one thing I really like about Safeway, and it's that they have a LOT of store-brand organics, from sugar and flour to vegetables (limited), and yes, some organic meat (chicken and ground beef in particular).

          Last (but not least) are the asian ingredients. Pacific Ocean on Alameda at Zuni is my choice of asian market, and often has some organics, surprisingly (I got some lovely maiitake mushrooms there) and I usually buy scallions (not organic) there, as I can't stomach paying $1.99 for 6 straggly scallions in a bunch at WF. I get all my vinegars/oils/pastes/rice/potions at PO.

          1. I do a combination of King Soopers, H-Mart, Sunflower (the price for their veggies and fruit are great) and I've recently developed a crush on Arash Int'l Market in Aurora (although I may regret saying that if more people go there). They've got Middle Eastern food galore there and olives are half the price vs. Whole Paycheck. Having said that, as much as I dislike Whole Foods, it's great in a pinch when I need something a little more specialized and can't make it to my meat place (Oliver's), fish place (Seafood Landing) or the other places I mentioned above.