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Jun 27, 2012 04:02 PM

Sunday Brunch Manhatan

I used to be in NY monthly for work and lived there many years ago - but it's been a while - and am rusty on brunch spots - I am meeting some dear friends for Sunday brunch and have been elected to find a nice place to meet - and eat:)

Am open to any suggestions in Manhattan from 14th to 86 St. Of course, food should be delish, and if there were an outdoor space to enjoy the weather (maybe) that would be a bonus

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Much will depend upon your budget, how large your group is, and the weather. Search is also your friend.

    For weekend brunch, no reservations taken:
    The Breslin
    Joseph Leonard
    Spotted Pig

    Reservations taken:
    Minetta Tavern
    Locanda Verde
    North End Grill
    Union Sq Cafe

    Best weekday breakfast:

    Best weekend brunch:

    1. I was unclear if you wanted the East side or West side, but keeping in mind your location requirement:
      RiverPark (nice outdoor space)
      Park Avenue Summer
      Zemi (food is FANTASTIC---very casual though)
      David Burke's Fishtail (has a garden), or Townhouse around the corner is excellent as well