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Jun 27, 2012 03:14 PM

Update Kitchen/Chef's Table discussion for NYC

We've got a triple celebration in early November and are looking for a great Chef's Table experience, perhaps our last. Only six of us, so we can finish our sentences. Not price conscious, but we're all cooks and want to be in or next to a great kitchen. And we're from the hinterlands, coming to NY for this event. Any advice?

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  1. Search for Brooklyn Fare or Blanca (at Roberta's) in the Outer Boroughs board. You can't go more than 4 people at Momofuku Ko. FYI, I've been to all 3 and I think Blanca/Roberta's is the best.

    1. A group that size will be difficult, I think. A lot of the chef's table/open kitchen restaurants are small. Your party of 6 will take up the entire chef's counter or maybe 1/2 the restaurant.

      There aren't a lot of chef's tables in working kitchens separate from dining rooms in NYC (real estate is at a premium).

      A lot of spaces w/ open kitchens have counter seating. I assume you don't want all six of you in a row at a counter? If you look for photos of Brooklyn Fare or Blanca in Brooklyn, you'll see that they are long counters. Both of them will be challenging to book, as well.

      Blanca is fairly new. They're currently only accommodating those on the Roberta's wait list. New reservations begin August 1 at 10 AM, by phone at (646) 703-2715.

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        If you can't get into Brooklyn Fare or Blanca, you can try Beacon's kitchen counter. It's available on Thursdays only. But it's only half the price (or less). (click on "kitchen counter" link on the right).

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          Thank you--you're right, counter seating isn't what we're looking for. We could be 4 if need be, rather than 6. Has anyone been to Daniel's Sky Box?

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            could you do 8 instead of 4? recently had the whole pig at the chefs table at the breslin, and it came with stellar views of their kitchen, in addition to the delicious food. its a nice oval table, maybe a bit wide for 8 (it sat 12 guys pretty easily, though that is the max group size)