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Jun 27, 2012 03:12 PM

Good Food on C&O trail

I'm planning a bike trip on the C&O from DC to Cumberland including Harpers Ferry and Hancock. Does anyone have recommendations for good food along the way?

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  1. I can speak from experience that Harper's Ferry has nothing unless something new has popped up. However...if you are willing to go up a hill and cross a bridge, Shepherdstown, WV has worthy food. Keep in mind, it's been a few years. On the high end is The Bavarian Inn. Yellow Brick Bank was overpriced and over rated. Blue Moon would probably be perfect. I can speak for The Press Room. Betty's is an institution known for their breakfast.

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      Second for Bavarian Inn, both for food and a place to stay. It's a pity the Stone Soup Bistro has closed in Sheptown as that was excellent.

      When we rode from DC to Sheptown 3-4 years ago (it was planned as round trip but major mechanical and minor injury problems made it a one-way), we stopped for lunch in Leesburg. Note, however, that Leesburg is across the Potomac River (the ferry at Whites Ferry will get you there) and 4-5 miles from the ferry, so adds a bit to your trip. There is also food at Whites Ferry.

      We overnighted in Sheptown at the Bavarian Inn, and if you can cover the 70-80 miles from DC to Sheptown, it is clearly the right place to stay unless you are camping.

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        I loved Stone Soup and was sorry that it closed. Lived in LBurg for several years but didn't make recs because of the distance. With Sheptown, you go up that hill...turn left...cross the bridge.

    2. I can also highly recommend Sheherazade in Shepherdstown on the main drag at the top of the hill near the stop sign. Really excellent sandwiches, deserts, and salads.

      Brunswick (halfway between Point of Rocks and HF) used to have a place called Beans in the Belfry that served good coffee and sandwiches in a restored church. If it's still there, that will be fast and casual.

      1. Weaver's Restaurant and Bakery in Hancock has long been one of our family favorites. They aren't fancy and have basic comfort food but they are clean, friendly and their desserts (especially their raisin cookies and pies) are incredible.

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          I was going to mention Weaver's too.

        2. We live in Shepherdstown; I may not be impartial but the restaurants here are better and more varied than most other towns along the trail. The Press Room is generally regarded as best and will have seasonal features as well as their standards. The Blue Moon is a great casual place with nice outdoor seating. Bistro 112 is a new-ish spot with French influence. Kazu has excellent Thai and Japanese and Shaharazade's is under new ownership with a wonderful new cook in the kitchen (it is also BYOB - no corkage fee).

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            I've been unable to find a web site, or even an online menu for Press Room in Sheperdstown.

            Are they still in business. Got a link?

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              We have never been able to convince the owners (luddites in many ways) that they should have a website. Honestly they are so busy that it is hard to make the case that it would help their business. They are still in business, phone is 304-876-8777, and you can find reviews on Tripadvisor and Yelp, along with a good article recently in Frederick magazine. They are open for dinner except on Tuesdays, and Sunday brunch. There are frequent changes to the menu but it's a mix of pasta, meat and fish tending to Northern Italian sensibilities - pasta carbonara, london broil, flounder and softshells in season.

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                I can't find the Frederick magazine article online, but here is an older article from the Hagerstown magazine. The dishes and prices are still the same - http://www.hagerstownmagazine.com/art...

            2. Can't speak to quality but here's a comprehensive list of places to stop to eat:


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                Its been awhile, but seek out the M&M Bake Shop plus Queen City Creamery in Cumberland. Also, consider starting your trip in Cumberland, not DC as its downhill.