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Jun 27, 2012 02:14 PM

Good to excellent Greek restaurants in Vancouver city limits ?

A spin-off from this thread:

We seldom eat Greek nowadays, perhaps due to a combination of the city's increasingly diverse offerings as well as the Greek restaurant scene that appears (to me) dormant.

Places we *used* to frequent but no longer visit for a variety of reasons (some now closed or changed owners):

- Kalamata
- Maria's
- Panos
- Apollonia
- The Main
- Romios
- Simpatico
- Acropol
- Takis
- Ouzeri

I'm not including the Roman-Greco pizzeria genre places like Olympia, Gigi's etc.

Never been to Nu, nor Bouzyous (Commercial Dr). Am I missing any obvious gems out there ?

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  1. FWIW- I've heard that Rosie's on Robson does a killer kalamari.

    1. Well...I would love an update on Greek here too. I sort of gave up a few years ago. I've been to both Nu and Bouzyous...they are "OK."

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      1. re: fmed

        Are there any that you'd recommend that are better than "OK" ?

        1. re: fmed

          Bouzyous is no longer Bouzyous - new management/owner, I believe, now called Saloniki Greek Taverna. I used to avoid it, but finally went a few months ago - the place was packed, and they have live jazz by evening on weekends. The halibut souvlaki was great. Not sure how it would rank in the big picture of Greek restaurants, but for a neighbourhood haunt, I will continue to go back.

        2. A place I've been meaning to try, (and recommended by a Greek friend of mine) is Symposio Greek Taverna on Lonsdale. From what I hear the service is very friendly (family run), food is authentic and good quality.

          1. So no decent greek food in Vancouver?