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Jun 27, 2012 01:53 PM

Only one night to enjoy San Francisco

My wife and I are stopping by for 1 night in SF to catch a baseball game on our way to San Diego. We will get into town on Friday, August 25th around noon, and have that whole afternoon and evening to experience SF.

Where should we stay, and where should we eat? Simple restaurants and bars are our thing, and we are in our early thirties, so we still like a lively night live, and love bars with live bands.

Thanks for any advice. With so many neighborhoods and so many choices its really confusing to know where we should be hanging out.


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  1. You may want to check out the Marina - eat at A16, Mamacita's or Tacolicious and there are a bunch of bars in that area. Very lively (but not much live music). It is not close to the stadium - however - a 15 minute cab ride.

    A low-key suggestion would be Yoshi's (mostly jazz/blues)

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      Thank you! I am not worried about being near the stadium, we are hitting the game on our way out of town on Saturday, and we are looking to hang out on Friday night so its not related. I will look into your suggestions.

    2. I just did this last week:

      Marina is a good suggestion, there are also some great places near the ballpark. and if you want to walk after the game, head towards the Ferry Building, then you are near stuart st restaurants as well as the ferry building places to eat.