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Jun 27, 2012 01:41 PM

Experienced NOLA traveler looking for some new "digs"...

Ok guys and gals...I'm visiting soon (next week). Can't wait to be there, minus the anticipated heat!! I'm traveling with my 15 year old son, who will be breaking my pocketbook, I fear. I need your perspectives on a few things:

1.Best French Quarter (casual) eateries for lunch? Good portions, not too pricey? Local ethnic food...I'm already very familiar with Central Grocery, Johnny's, Pierre Masperos just to name a few.

2. Best fried sea food Po'Boy in Uptown area?

3. Mulate's?? I haven't heard much talk of this restaurant, am thinking of visiting the original when coming through Breaux Bridge.

4.Splurge night--your opinions on Broussards, Tujagues, K-Pauls--regarding price, portions, service, dress attire, good atmosphere welcoming to teens.. I have eaten at Arnauds', Galtoires, Antoines and Muriels all recently. Want to try something new. I'm open to other suggestions in the FQ. I have never eaten at any of the Brennan restaurants.

5. Court of Two Sisters-I'd like to do the Jazz brunch, but I can't remember how much it costs, and I can't find anything on their URL with prices. I know it's delicious, and my son would love it, plus the all you can eat buffet..but I'm thinking it was pretty close to $30 per person.

Thanks for any input you have!!

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  1. 1. Do a search here for cheap/thrifty eats in FQ. There have been several good threads in the past year.
    2. I'm partial to Guy's but you will find fans here for almost all of the usual uptown po-boy places.
    3. Mulate's in N.O. is pretty ordinary. I've never heard anything from anyone who has stopped at the I-10 place.
    4. 99% of the good places in town have reasonable dress codes and are used to families.Of the places you have listed Broussards may be the best choice, followed by K-Pauls then Tujagues. But before Tujagues think about Mr. B's or NOLA. If it's pure good seafood you might want, GW Fins. The Brennan restaurants are OK but seem to be more favored by and targeted to tourists. Exceptions are Commander's and Ralph's on the Park (and of course Mr. B's)
    5. If you want to go to Court of Two Sisters do it for the experience. It might end up being more than some other brunches but you're paying for all you can eat and the band. It is a better deal in the months when you can sit outside. Realize you are not going there for fine dining.

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    1. I second Guy's poboys. Mulate's is the worst restaurant in town. Splurge in the FQ - GW Fin's. Splurge anywhere else - Coquette (you can take the streetcar, and it isn't even a splurge if you go for lunch and get the three course meal for $20).

      Have fun!

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      1. re: lawstudent

        Could not agree more re: Mulate's. What a ghastly experience, and no worse feeling in the universe than a meal wasted in N'awlins.

      2. I've only been to New Orleans a few times but for a really special lunch I'd go to Restaurant August (John Besh's flagship), or Bayona in the French Quarter (Susan Spicer's restaurant, open Wed.-Sat for lunch): not sure of their dinner hours, but if you are trying to save, splurge at lunchtime and do it twice!
        Once I was starving on arrival and walked in to Oceana Grill on Conti St., not expecting anything special, and was very happy with my red beans and rice! For chicken and andouille sausage gumbo Mr. B's is still my favorite. Eat something for all of us who can't be there!

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        1. re: archipelagic

          Guess you haven't seen the Kitchen Nightmares episode featuring Oceana Grill.

          1. re: JazzyB

            I had JUST about suppressed that memory, Jazzy, thanks! :-)

            Sad to say, before we were well-informed, we actually ATE at Oceana...


        2. Here's where we would recommend you go based on your questions & your 15 yo...

          1. Stanley or I believe they're opening a New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood or Clover Grill (that's just burgers)

          2. Fried seafood poboy - I'd say Domilise's

          3. Never felt the urge/need to go to Mulate's

          4. K-Pauls out of the places you mentioned. Not a fan of the Brennan conglomerate so I wouldn't recommend any of them. I love Root and Sylvain, too.

          5. If you were my guest for brunch I'd take you to Cafe Atchafalaya hands down and I'd insist you get the grits & grillades.

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          1. re: ktroia

            I'd go Brigtsen's over K-Paul's. Better food, warmer service, better value. The student has far surpassed the master.

          2. In re: Mulate's in Breaux Bridge. It's closed....and no great loss.