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Jun 27, 2012 12:49 PM

austin weekend

My wife and I will be in Austin for two days--looking for the best BBQ and a memorable restaurant experience--price is not a factor. Interested in great food rather than atmosphere. Any suggestions? Michael

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  1. Lunch at Franklin, dinner at Uchi or Uchiko

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            No comparison. Franklin has the best brisket in Austin. Salt Lick is merely ok. The only place that comes close is Black's down in Lockhart. Franklin is worth the wait and Black's is worth the drive (maybe 25 miles south), just for the beef rib alone. Ironworks is decent, not up to the level of Franklin or Black's, but pretty good and conveniently located near the convention center downtown. Because of that, it gets a bit crowdy at lunch time. It's good to get there about 11:30 or after 1:15 or so.

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              They might also be interested in J Mueller, as it's of comparable quality to Franklin and Black's without the long line wait or 45-minute drive. Excellent brisket. Much better all around than than Salt Lick or Ironworks. It is outside seating only, though, since it's a trailer.

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                  1502 South 1st Street Austin, TX 78704
                  (512) 229-7366

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          1. Franklin is the current hot spot for BBQ. But be warned you need to arrive very early- others can give current wait times best, but I believe it is still best to get there 8AM or so on the weekends- to get in line. They are still sufficiently busy that not everyone in line at opening time (11AM) is going to get food.

            Ironworks is a good alternative if you don't want to go through that ordeal. Others may have alternative suggestions- I personally think truly great BBQ places in Austin are very few and far between.

            For a memorable dinner experience- Uchi or Uchiko are certainly favorites, but I am in the camp that does not consider them head and shoulders above everything else. If you like the look of the menu- go for it.

            If you are seeking a bit different fare- Fabi & Rosi is a great alternative to consider and my current favorite dining spot. Outstanding food. Very basic wine list as they do BYO here- so if you want a really special wine you will need to bring it yourself. Just a couple of miles down the road is the Austin Wine Merchant which happens to have one of the finest stocks of German and French wines in the United States (all price ranges- not just expensive), so you have a pretty awesome place to select a BYO bottle or two for dinner.

            Have a fun trip- hopefully others will come along as well and give you some good choices to mull over.

            1. You didn't say where you are coming from, so that opens up many options. I love Uchi & Uchiko, but if you are from an area with great sushi, they maybe not. I like Foreign & Domestic and if you don't have good interior Mexican, go to Fonda San Miguel. I love the tacos al pastor for an app followed by carne asada steak tampiquena. If you don't like Mole with the enchilada, then have the verde sauce. Drinks are really yum! Many on this board do not like Fonda as they consider it too expensive. However, they are ordering Tex-Mex dishes you can get much cheaper at other restaurants. Stick with interior Mexican. They restaurant is beautiful.

              1. I'll be heading to Austin soon as well. If I want BBQ for dinner and don't want to wait in line for hours where should I go? I'll have a car, but likely won't want to drive too far away from Austin proper. Also likely will be dining alone for this meal.

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                  Styles Switch on North Lamar should do you very well.

                  1. re: amysuehere

                    This place looks awesome! Anything in particular you recommend??

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                      I'm probably going to be run out of Austin for saying this, but my favorite BBQ stop is Whole Foods and Elyssa there is one downtown with above or underground parking. They have kiosks all over the store for various food items and the BBQ kiosk has seating area. In addition, the potato salad, slaw, beans, etc are all fresh and homemade. Brisket is so moist and tender you don't need a knife.

                      Also, J. Mueller's just opened and they are getting good reviews:

                      1. re: redhatcharm

                        Whole Foods on 6th makes good BBQ, there's no doubt about it. In general, I prefer my BBQ a little more seasoned and don't use BBQ sauce, but this is just a slightly different style and its good. I love their smoked potatoes with fatty brisket burnt ends, cheese, sour cream, and all the fixings and slathered in BBQ sauce.

                      2. re: Elyssa

                        The beef rib is the stand out/must get item at Stiles Switch

                        1. re: ChrisStein

                          The corn cassarole and the Thorndale sausage are outstanding as well.

                          1. re: ChrisStein

                            Glad to hear that since I don't really eat all that much pork.

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                            Like ChrisS said, the beef rib is out of this world (I don't usually like the beef) and the sausages are above average. They now have two different kinds of slaw, and the potato salad is quite good. I'm not a fan of the mac-n-cheese or the corn casserole. Peach cobbler is always yummy. If you go up and introduce yourself to Lance (likely he'll say hello to you in line first - big, tall guy with dark hair) he'll probably give you a sample or two and show you the humongous smoker out back.

                            1. re: amysuehere

                              Awesome! I would love to see the smoker. Thanks for the recs.