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Jun 27, 2012 12:19 PM

ISO comfy place for drinks and early dinner Vancouver downtownish

Downtown, Gastown, Yaletown all okay. There'll be five of us on a weekday night. Ideally looking for a pubby/comfy atmosphere where we don't have to yell that has cocktails, beer and wine as well as reasonable vittles -- so many places seem to be serving $25 mains that are lackluster.

Would the Diamond work (no website at the moment, email link forces me to use Outlook 7, no phone number, grr)? What about Pourhouse? Revel Room? Six Acres? The Refinery?

The food doesn't have to be stellar just solid, with a couple of gluten-free options. Prefer to avoid chains like Moxie's, Donnelly Group, Cactus Club et al.

All suggestions/help carefully considered and greatly appreciated!

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  1. The Diamond can get fairly loud although an early weeknight should be fine. Im not sure I would go there for an actual dinner though.

    The Pourhouse has good food and service and is a good all round option.

    How about the Greedy Pig? I only drank the last time I was there, so I can't personally comment on the food as of recent. Although I did get a plate of bacon ;)

    Proceed with caution as I have heard its gone a bit downhill, but it was fine the last time I was there and have had good experiences in the past. Our group enjoyed the food they had, and the prices are reasonable.

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      I'm getting Pourhouse back as a solid option elsewhere too so it's in the lead. I haven't been to Greedy Pig for ages (it is still the only place I've ever had bone marrow). I seem to recall it being not so comfy though we were in a large group which may have contributed. Will put it on the list though and walk by for an eyeball soon.

    2. Have you been to Sardine Can?

      Doesn't take reservations but I'd think for a weekday night you'd be fine - you can leave your phone number if there's a wait, and go upstairs to the Diamond for a cocktail first. The food is generously portioned and solid, I found, and ranges from $5-10. Lots would be gluten free. The wine/beer list is exclusively Spanish (including some interesting sherries) and extremely reasonably priced - nothing over about $45/bottle.

      Great value for money and a nice atmosphere. The seats are more high stools though, so depending on your definition it might not fit the comfy part of your requirements.

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      1. re: reiney

        That is a good idea, thanks. I think we will be meeting up from time to time so will put it on the list for next rendez-vous.