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Jun 27, 2012 10:29 AM

Providence #1 in Burgers?!

Travel & Leisure readers recently rated Providence R.I. as best "burger city" in the U.S., beating out such obvious contenders as Kansas City and Chicago.

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  1. And we are #2 for pizza?! That is just mind-blowing...

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    1. re: GreenGal

      Must be all the Johnson & Wales graduates

      No. 1 Providence

      According to readers, pretty much everything tastes good in this New England city, with its reputation for creative, locavore chefs. It ranked No. 2 for overall dining, as well as No. 2 for pizza and No. 5 for high-end cuisine. Try the New England Grass-Fed Burger at Local 121, or swing by Harry’s Bar and Burger for 100-percent-Hereford sliders on potato rolls and 50 beer options—proof of the city’s high rankings for microbrews.

      1. re: sakeandgin

        A top 5 finish in Pizza I can see (Al Forno alone carries a lot of weight), but burgers? I'd love to hear some suggestions, because I must be missing something. I've had some good ones, but not the best in America by a long shot.

        1. re: sakeandgin

          #2 for overall dining is kind of amazing in itself. I'm all for Providence, myself, but it sure ain't the 2nd best overall dining city in the USA. not by a loooooong shot.

      2. this is crazy,travel and leisure is out of its mind!!

        1. Travel and Leisure from the Mad Magazine edition. This is one hell-ava freak mistake.