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Jun 27, 2012 10:05 AM

Good bakeries in NW Austin/Cedar Park

Does anyone know of a good bakery in NW Austin or Cedar Park? I've not had any luck finding one. As delicious as Russell's and Upper Crust are, they are too far of a drive from my house to go to on a regular basis.

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  1. Are you looking for bread, pastries, cupcakes?????? For bread the Panera is about the best sourdough we've found. For other things it depends on what you are looking for....

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      Hi. I wish I could find some creme filled coconut donuts like dunkin donuts used to make. My coworker's birthday is tomorrow and it'd be nice to have some. I like Chuy's panaderia/bakery for what they have. It's at Ohlen and 183.

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        if you are also in the NW area, there is a newish donut place on anderson mill, towards the parmer end, right across the street from the IMT apartment complex. you can call there and see if they have something similar.

    2. There's a few bakers with booths at the Cedar Park Farmers Market (Saturdays at Lakeline Mall), including Sweetish Hill.

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        I've been to the Farmer's Market a bunch and love the various vendors and Swedish Hill, but I'm looking for a brick and mortar bakery.

      2. I also like Chuy's Bakery for breads. For sweets there is a small bakery next to Jardin Corona on Pond Springs that has very good pastries. Unfortunately it can be hit or miss with the selection. When available the small empanadas are excellent.

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          I think you made my day, no my week. I checked out Chuy's Bakery this morning and was blown away. I left there with two bags of pastries. What a beautiful bakery. I'm looking forward to trying their lunch as well.

        2. Hot Breads on McNeil near 183 - sort of a half Indian bakery, half Indian restaurant

          Dream Bakery on Anderson Mill near 183 - my wife has ordered cupcakes from there once and was pleased with the product. Never had anything else from them.

          1. Is there a good FRENCH bakery other than CM or La Madelaines?

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              La Pastierre in Pflugerville. It's a little shop next to Freddy's, you might miss it but it's super good.

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                thanks i see the reviews on this place on very impressive