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Jun 27, 2012 10:01 AM

Looking for: Breakfast in W. Stockbridge and S/W (repost)

I'd posted this a few months back and it was recommended that I repost it when my trip drew closer; I'll be going up there in a few weeks.

I'm looking to get some Sunday breakfast in either W. Stockbridge or somewhere along the trip back to Long Island--that is, west and south, rather than going deeper into MA (east or north). Even Pittsfield would probably add an hour to my trip home.

I'm not looking for pastries or muffins, so bakeries and the like are pretty much out. Also not looking to grab the standard egg-on-a-roll.

Basically, I'm looking for omelets or frittatas, not French toast or pancakes/waffles.

Not brunch, mainly because I'm looking for an early start, and brunch-style places typically open too late (I'll be going out for breakfast no latter than 9 or so). Plus, I want breakfast, not sandwiches or lunch-style platters.

So far, one of the main recommendations, not without controversy, has been Martin's in Great Barrington.

Any other suggestions? Anything new in the area?


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    1. re: AikiLou

      Cafe Adam is definitely out. As I said in my original post, I don't want a brunch place, mainly because of how late that would be, and according to their web site Cafe Adam doesn't open until 11:30 on Sundays (it says "Winter Hours" but I called and confirmed that hasn't changed). I'll be long out of the state by then.

    2. A couple of questions. Do you want it to be breakfast in the Berkshires? Which route are you taking home? This will help a bit in giving more suggestions.
      Agree with "controversy". Martin's has left me unimpressed, we have eaten here dozens of times and I am NOT impressed (soggy home fries, no frittatas and $2.00 up charge for real maple syrup). Great for a quick "gosh I am starving and could eat anything placed in front of me" breakfast. I know I will get flack for this statement.....but this is MY opinion, please respect.

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      1. re: Anastasia

        Probably taking 22 in NY down, which would bring that leg of the trip outside of this board's scope, though I can delay getting to it if following 7 and 41 brings me somewhere interesting (7 to 41 being the most logical alternative to 22). It's not exactly that I have to breakfast in the Berkshires, but that I'll be staying in W. Stockbridge, and so if I have breakfast within 45 or so minutes of leaving the motel for home, that basically means the Berkshires, even if it's the Berkshires of n/w Connecticut.

      2. I found a "Mom's Country Cafe" in South Egremont, MA--some good reviews, but I couldn't find a menu. Anyone familiar with this place?

        1. "Another Fork in the Road" in the town of Milan, NY just off the Taconic. BUT the website doesn't respond....

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          1. re: otisman

            That's this place, isn't it?
            It would take at least an hour to get there, is out of the way (and OT for the board), and the breakfast menu doesn't impress me.

            I'm not trying to be contrary, just sticking reasonably within my original specs.

            1. re: Scott_R

              Ok I have been searching and I am sorry to say I WISH we had better breakfast choices for you here in the Berkshires. So here goes. I am going to stick with my original reply (a while back) in suggesting Red Lion Inn for Breakfast. Literally 5 minutes from W. Stockbridge, and if you are headed home down route 7, you will pass it. Again, Fresh local coffee, amazing fritattas, local grass fed hash, fresh juice,....etc...(just look at the last post)... IMHO this is the best breakfast in the S. Berks. If that won't do, I would suggest Mom's Country Cafe in South Egremont, make sure to get there early (especially on a Sunday) and grab a table outside sitting by the rushing river. Decent food great service and prices (beats Martin's in GB in my opinion). Or you could try (albeit I have not been there yet) the new Crossroads Cafe in Hillsdale. Opens at 9am, and from what I hear the posted menu on Facebook is only a sample of what they have. Some friends have gons and gave it a thumbs up, but I can't vouch personally. Going down 22, you would pass Millerton (I know of the diner there but it is just that).....and you would pass thru Amenia where there is a small place called Back in the kitchen (website is down but they are on facebook). Looks cute, but not sure if it has exactly what you are after. I wouldn't suggest going down 41 to get to 22 (through Sheffield/Salisbury/Sharon) because I don't think there is much for breakfast there (maybe someone else can chime in). The White Hart would have been a good suggestion, but they have closed their doors. Hope this helps even a little, and sorry I can't come up with something more for you.

              1. re: Anastasia

                Thanks for the effort, though it looks like I'm going to give up going out for breakfast. The Red Lion has little by the way of omelets and only that single frittata, as best as I can see. I found Crossroad Cafe's website with (apparently) the full breakfast menu,
                and it has *no* omelets or frittatas. I still can't find a menu for Mom's, and they haven't replied to my emails. I emailed Back in the Kitchen to ask.