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Jun 27, 2012 09:43 AM

Dining For One in Beverly Hills

I have a last-minute, solo trip to Beverly Hills next week for three nights and four days and am looking for good places that are comfortable for dining for one. Particularly places that serve the full menu at the bar (this applies more to dinner and lunch than breakfast).

I am looking for good ambience and excellent food. Upscale is fine. Pricey is fine. Casual is fine. (I am flexible.) Mainly just looking to try some of the better places in the area without having to leave Beverly Hills.

I am considering:


Barney's Greengrass
La Provence
Nate & Al's


Porta Via




Thanks for your help!!

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  1. If you like Sushi, I would suggest Sushi Sushi on Beverly Dr. just north of Olympic. For dinners, Il Picolino and Sotto would be good choices. If you are adventurous Red Medicine is a good pick too. I would pass on Bouchon.

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    1. re: BSW6490

      +1 on Red Medicine. I ate solo at the bar, which does serve the full menu, and it was great. I had the "uni congee" (heirloom rice porridge with the sea urchin add-on). That was a full meal on its own!

      Aside from Sushi Sushi, the other sushi place I hear recommended a lot in BH is Kiyokawa. I haven't been to either place, but both have good reps.

      WIll you have a car, teresaalee? I also ate solo at Animal (should be easy to get to next week when the foie gras ban is finally in effect) and Hatfield's recently. Both served full menus at the bar, but they're outside BH.

      Century City is not too far away either. Lots of dining choices in the mall, maybe not all Chow-worthy, but convenient.

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        I have been to both several times. Kiyokaw is not nearly as good as Sushi Sushi. Another fun solo spot is Eveleigh on Sunset just west of Sunset Plaza. Active bar and communal tables. Good music and drinks and a creative small plate menu. Not the food adventure of Red Medicine, but a fun solo scene.

    2. Bouchon has a beautiful bar, and will provide excellent service, not sure why first poster would skip it, the patio is also lovely at lunch.

      Not sure where you are staying, or how long a walk it may be, but across from the century city mall is Smith House Tap & Grill. Great bar to eat at, lots of food choices, excellent burgers, lots of different beers & ales on tap, as well as full bar, I believe ( only have gotten beer there myself).

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      1. re: Dirtywextraolives

        Don't know if you've been to Smith House for a while, but I went recently....and thought it had really gone downhill. The burger was not good....and I'd liked it on previous visits.

        1. re: perk

          I went a few weeks ago and found no changes that would make me feel it went downhill. That would bum me out if it has. But I did notice how it was pretty empty the last few times we went. Hope they can survive...

      2. Spago is wonderful but they are closing for a major remodel starting on July 9th for a few months. Hurry and go if you can.

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        1. re: wienermobile

          A friend of mine went to Spago solo recently....and had the tasting menu. A lot of places won't do that for a solo diner. Just fyi....

        2. For some good Happy Hour fare, check out McCormick & Schmicks, Via Alloro and Cafe Roma. Each is within easy walking distance from the others. Also, a seat at the bar at Enoteca Drago would be great at either lunch or dinner.

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          1. re: Bob Brooks

            Drinks at Happy Hour are good at both McCormick and Cafe Roma, but the food is not good. In fact, Cafe Roma is bad. Frida has a good happy hour and nice Mexican. Its on South Beverly.

          2. Nice list. I suggest skipping La Provence. Nothing special there.