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Jun 27, 2012 09:30 AM

Please comment on our Barcelona itinerary

Hi everyone, My wife and I are planning a 7-night trip to Barcelona and Majorca on (kind of) short notice, and have these dinner reservations:

Comerc 24

I'd love to know what do you think.

The concierge recommended Botafumerio, but reviews seem to be a mix of tourists saying "best seafood ever" and foodies saying "worse tourist trap ever"...

So we're looking for one more dinner in Barcelona (maybe tapas?) and two in Majorca. What are we missing?

By the way, the concierge at Hotel 1898 has been great -- highly recommended so far.


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  1. With regard to Mallorca, much might depend on where you're staying and how far you want to travel.

    Assuming that you're OK to get to the northern part of the island, then the Jardin at Port d'Alcudia is excellent (and has recently been awarded a Michelin star - something I reckoned would happen when I first visited in 2008). Cuisine is "modern Mallorcan", if you're looking for a tag.

    The island has another three starred restaurants (I think) but I've no experience of them. The north (around Alcudia, Pollensa and Soller) is the area I visit regularly and know most of the better places there if you need any further tips. For other parts of the island, this website gives as good a summary as you migth need, if you don't get further advice here:

    1. All four restaurants that you have on the list are wonderful places, and more importantly different from each other. I also agree that you should not pair Butafumerio with them. Butafumerio isn't necessarily a tourist trap...anymore than somewhere like Cal Pep is for that matter, but isn't anything special either. (By the way, that was not a stab at Cal Pep, I'm just on the fence about it recently!!)

      My suggestion would be to go with a traditional, casual place. This will put things in perspective for you. While Hoffmann is more on the Mediterranean / french traditional side, Lasarte is gourmet Basque, Comerç24 molecular and Abac "cuisine d'auteur" in it's own league, you are still missing a large piece of the Barcelona gastronomic puzzle.

      There are many posts that can help you pick a casual and traditional place, but I am personally always a big advocate for Mam i Teca. While the food here is not Michelin quality with regards to creativity, it is simply delicious and the wine list is great! It is a unpolished diamond in the rough.

      If it is a seafood restaurant that you seek, I suggest Els Pescadors. I hold this establishment with high esteem, but am also fearful that my amazing company that particular night has affected my view of the restaurant. I am curious to hear others opinions of Els Pescadors.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Harters -- Thanks for the info. We're staying at the Valldemossa Hotel, which I guess would be considered the north east part of the island. But we're renting a car and are willing to travel. I'd love to hear more about low key and local options. By this point in the trip, we're probably going to be all Michilen-starred out. Thanks for the link. Do you have any favorites?

        Neoyorquino -- Thanks for the input, variety was what I was going for with those four. And you actually read my mind -- with the amount of fancy restaurants we have on the schedule, and just arriving that morning, I think the plan is to find a more low key option for our first night instead of Botafumerio. We're looking for tapas, and have read some on the forum about Canete. We'll also check out Mam i Teca.

        Thanks again!

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          I've never stayed in Valldemossa but its only a few kilometres from Soller (from where my brother in law originates). Can thoroughly recommend S'Atic (on the rooftop of the Hotel Geranios, in Port de Soller.

          Also in the Port is Las Olas which is touristy (you cannot avoid touristy on the island) but cooks superb fresh fish. My partner has also enjoyed a meal at the Agapanto near the harbour.

          You may not want to schlep further north for a casual meal (bit of tricky drive when it's dark).

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            " Valldemossa Hotel, which I guess would be considered the north east part of the island"

            Uh, isn't it the northwest ?

              1. re: Parigi

                Yup, you're right of course. Thanks.

            1. We've never eaten at ABaC or Hofmann. Hoever, I can tell you our favorite place in Barcelona for the money was Etapes. We thouht the food was on par with the above restaurants and a fraction of the price. The owners are on site as a waiter and chef. Great attentive service and the outside tables give one a great opportunity to people watch.


              1. Thanks. Etapes actually came up in some of my other searching, so we'll have to check it out.

                One more question -- the hotel says that Lasarte and ABAC have a "formal" dress code, while Hofmann and Comerc 24 are "casual." For anyone that's been to ABAC or Lasarte, are jackets required for men? I'd rather not have to bring one. Thanks,


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                  Lasarte's website in English suggests that there is a "smart" dress code. Which, in itself, is subjective and pretty meaningless. That said, I cannot recall ever seeing a Spanish dress code requiring jackets and, as such, I would interpret "smart" as meaning shirt and trousers, rather than polo shirt and jeans.

                  There's nothing on ABAC's site, so I would tend to suggest shirt and trousers there as well.

                  That said, I do not own a jacket and studiously avoid the occasional place I come across in the world where they have such archaic practices as to require men to wear one. Fortunately, these days, they are very few and far between, even at 2 and 3 Michelin star level.