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Jun 27, 2012 08:58 AM

Huge dinner, small apartment, and need to make it all one day in advance

Hello all,

I have 12 people coming over for a dinner tomorrow. I am making a vegetarian version of chicken pot pie for all. I want to do as much as I can today - my one bedroom apartment won't facilitate me doing much cooking with that many people here.

The pot pie has loads of veggies, and a cream base (and veggie "cheekin" strips) so it's quite heavy.

It must be vegetarian (dairy is okay), but I would love suggestions on a soup to start and a side dish or salad to go with the pot pie. What salad can be made one day ahead that goes with this? Quinoa? Coleslaw? Or green beans? Brussell sprouts?

thanks all!

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  1. Potato salad or pasta salad is a good bet. Those are always better the next day in my opinion.

    1. This may be too obvious but with a heavy, creamy main, I'd have to go with a tomato soup starter -- roasted tomato, to be precise.

      With a pot pie, I'd like something leafy, like a kale slaw or spinach salad of some sort. A vinegar/mustard-based coleslaw could be good; I'd just prep the veggies and dressing in advance and make the salad the day-of. For a non-salad side, maybe a light, not-too-cheesy veggie gratin (zucchini/eggplant/spinach etc.)?

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        kale salad has the advantage of being better the second day.

      2. What about gazpacho? You probably want to assemble it at the last minute, but you could chop everything up the day before.

        As a side, what about roasted asparagus, served cold?

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          Reading the original post, I instantly thought of gazpacho. Cool and refreshing on a hot weekend, with the acidity of the tomatoes contrasting nicely with the entree.

          1. re: BrooksNYC

            if you make the gazpacho a day ahead, you will be forced to refrigerate it.
            once fresh tomatoes are refrigerated they get watery, grainy, and flavorless.

            if you don't believe me you can google this.

        2. fresh fruit salad is a vegetarian's best friend.
          it can be made ahead of time and refrigerates well (unlike dressed salads).
          most of the really delicious fruits are in season NOW.
          it is beautiful to look at, especially if served in a glass bowl.

          another type of salad that works well is any kind of bean salad.
          you can assemble it the day before and dress it just before serving.
          black-eyed pea salad
          white bean salad
          mixed bean salad